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Why Is My Salt Lamp Leaking – Here Is The Exact Reason

Salt lamps are a famous bedroom accent and a great touch to any space. They instantly lift the mood and create a more welcoming ambiance. It’s no surprise that so numerous people adore them. You might be an unwitting victim of a sobbing salt lamp. If you’ve seen water gathering on the top or even at the bottom of your lamp, don’t worry; there’s nothing problematic with it. Although it gets referred to as leaking, the water does not originate from the bulb directly. So you’re probably curious why is my salt lamp leaking.

We’ll discuss the reasons for these spills in more detail and the steps you may take to avoid them.

Quick Summary: Leakages in salt lamps are caused by moisture in the atmosphere, not by malfunctioning.

Read more details on preventing a salt lamp from leaking and perhaps other salt lamp-related concerns.

A salt lamp gets made of unique pink salt crystalline rocks found in the Himalayan region. They get meticulously constructed to keep their original form and attractiveness.

When a bulb gets put within a huge salt rock, it emits a soft pink illumination and a unique appearance, creating a delightful environment. Many individuals like the luminous pink crystalline rocks, amber-colored light, peaceful ambiance, and, most notably, the aesthetic and feeling it creates. However, you might have observed that it evaporates or gets moist sometimes. Let’s look at why is my salt lamp leaking.

Why Is My Salt Lamp Leaking?

If you’re puzzled why your salt lamp is dissolving, you could suppose it’s due to the dampness on the exterior of the globe. There are instances when the wetness is so intense that you can see liquid pouring down the light to the foundation.

The light may seem to be leaking or dissolving, but it is not. Whatever is occurring happens whenever there is excessive moisture consumed; the water must go someplace.

However, if you reside in a high-humidity environment, your lamp might not be dry. If you discover that it is constantly soggy, you may place it on a tray or plate to keep the moisture from ruining your table or bookcase.

You may also purchase a tiny dehumidifier for the space to remove extra humidity. Some little wetness in the atmosphere is not harmful, but excessive moisture is. Detecting Himalayan salt lamp leaks is the beginning phase in resolving them, and this is simpler than you believe.

How to Prevent Salt Lamp Leakage?

Execute these actions one by one time, moving on to subsequent if your lamp remains damp. A mixture of these measures can quickly halt the leaking.

  • Prevent storing it in damp environments. The more wetness your lantern accumulates, the further it leaks. It should get kept away from restrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. It would be best to prevent putting it near an exposed window or entrance.
  • If you leave your lantern on, the bulb emits heat, which will vaporize the liquid. It gets advised that you keep it on at most 15 hours each day; however, that is ideal if you could keep it on for a day. If you discover that your lantern has been on the whole day and is remains wet, go to the following procedure to resolve the issue.
  • If you reside in a damp environment, you need to replace your light bulb. Using a higher voltage bulb will provide more warmth and dissipate the surplus water.
  • If you really can’t keep your lantern from leaking, invest in a humidity filter. You will be okay if you keep it near to the bulb.

So, Now, instead of wondering why my salt lamp is leaking, you can take the above actions to prevent it in the future.

How to Maintain Your Salt Lamps?

You’re almost finished with the lamp’s maintenance since you’ve learned how it could get stopped from spilling. You don’t need to do anything else. However, suppose you push the additional mile and reach that delicious 100 percent. In that case, these techniques will assist you in achieving the best out of the salt lamp.

  • You don’t require something special to clean your lamp. Since the lamp constantly battles bacteria on its own, a simple cloth dampened with water will suffice. Wow! The marvels of salt.
  • Humidity that adheres to your lamp combines with salt to form saline. So when moisture in the lamp dissipates, salt particles would be there. It’s inconvenient, but happily, you could scrape them away using a rigid plastic object. Beware of utilizing metal objects since they may harm your lamp and break off the sections that may not be small crystalline.
  • If you’re going on holiday or would like to store your lamp, cover it firmly in saran wrap. It will keep your light from accumulating moisture while not being used. If you don’t possess extra plastic wrap, a zip lock baggie will suffice; however, ensure it’s tight.
  • It may seem apparent, but you should not immerse your light in water or immerse it in the basin. It can withstand tiny amounts of water from dampness, but it cannot resist a downpour. The salt will dissolve, creating an electric danger.
  • As often as you would like to dance with your light, place it far enough from your loudspeakers as feasible. The vibrations may rattle the lightbulb and strike the interior of the lamp, particularly if you’re the kind to turn up the intensity to 110%. It might force the bulb to move on its own or produce a short circuit, both of which you would like to prevent.

Bottom line

You don’t need to worry about a leaky salt lamp because now you know it’s entirely natural. Remember that you’ll need to reduce the leakage to a minimum. If it’s generating flooding on your bedroom floor, you should address it before it becomes unsafe. However, if you follow these suggestions, you don’t need to bother about anything in the first spot.

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