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What Is the Chain for on a Gas Grill? – The Real Purpose! 

Gas grills are one of the most frequently-used home appliances. With quite a lot of parts, have you ever noticed a metal chain on it? And what is the chain for on a gas grill? 

Did the manufacturer think it would be great to add some aesthetic to it? Of course not; that would be absurd. 

Obviously, manufacturers won’t spend a fortune on investment producing some part that has no use.

So what is the purpose of a chain on a gas grill? 

We’re about to dig into that and find out all the information you would want to know if you own a gas grill at your home. 

This article is going to save you big time; keep reading! 

Do Gas Grills Have a Chain on Them? 

Yes, they do! 

Gas grills have a chain hanging on them along with a metal-like stick. 

You might have used a gas grill for some time but have yet to learn what this chain is on it for. (A mysterious thing indeed!) 

However, these chains on gas grills have a significant purpose. It does not exist for nothing!

We will stop testing your patience and get right into what you are dying to know. 

What Is the Chain for on a Gas Grill?

The chains on gas grills are for manual lighting. 

Wait…WHAT?? Gas grills have an automatic ignition system. How come?

Well, gas grills are indeed lighted up automatically by the ignition system in them.

 But we never know when the system will shut down. 

(There are several reasons why that could happen. We’ll discuss them as we move further into the context. Stick around). 

The gas grill chain helps light up the burners when the automatic ignition system is off-duty. (When it is broken or just doesn’t work). 

Using your bare hands to light up a ferocious ignition appliance like the gas grill can be a terrific idea. Who wants to get hurt? Quite sure NOBODY. 

The metal chain that hangs on the grill helps you get the job done safely. You can use it to light up the burners manually without bearing any risks. A fantastic tool, right? (Got to agree) 

How to Light Up a Gas Grill Using the Chain on It? 

Gas grills are no device to mess with. 

For our safety, we should play it safe at the peak when using it. 

Suppose the automatic ignition system of your gas grill fails to work; in that case, you will only be left with the option to use the metal chain to light up the grill. 

But how do we do that? 

You can’t do whatever you feel is correct since a slight wrong turn can potentially lead to an explosion. (That sounds horrifying, for real) 

Thus, you must know what you’re getting into and how to get it done like a pro. 

And we are here to help you with that. 

Follow the steps below to light up a gas grill using the chain. 

  1. Open the Lid

 It would be best if you took all the necessary precautions when dealing with something prone to danger. Leave zero chance for any threat to make its way in. 

And the first such primary precaution you should take is to open the lid of the gas grills. You can find it on the control panel. Open the knob on it, and you are ready to move. 

  1. Turn Off the Knobs

Sounds trivial? Nope, it should NOT! Turning all the knobs on the gas grill off is vital before proceeding. 

If you leave the knobs open, in case of a slight gas leakage when you’re working (which is possible), it could result in an explosion. 

So please turn off all the knobs. Double-check if all the knobs are perfectly turned off before moving to the next step. 

  1. Open the Valve

Open the valve in your gas tank very carefully. Inspect the gas pipe to ensure everything is perfect before opening the valve. 

Don’t rush it, be patient and slowly open the valve. 

You are doing this so you can manually light up your gas grill. Which means the automatic ignition system in your grill isn’t working. One of the potential reasons for this failure could be gas leakage. 

So be highly careful when opening the valve in the gas tank. 

  1. Light Up

Don’t hurry to turn on all the burner knobs. Spot the most accessible burner first. 

Turn on its burner knob. Place a matchstick in the chain and move it closer to the burner. 

The burner will light up. And if there are no suspicious signs, go ahead and light up the rest of the burners. 

Now, it’s your part to enjoy cooking.

Is It Mandatory for a Gas Grill to Have a Chain on It? 

No, it is not mandatory. 

But most of the gas grills come with a chain on them. You already know how important of a role the metal chain on a gas grill plays. So, for the best, most of the gas grills have a chain on them. 

There could be some gas grills that don’t have one. The brand is to blame. 

However, in general, all gas grills come with a chain on them so the user can play it safe during the unfortunate failure of the automatic ignition system in the device. 

Why Do Gas Grills Don’t Light Up Automatically? 

There could be a few reasons behind the failure of the ignition system of a gas grill. 

  • Rust and Grime 

Suppose the electrodes responsible for the ignition are corroded or covered by dirt. In that case, there is a fat chance they would stop working. So, check the electrodes to ensure they are in great status. 

  • Loose Connection 

Sometimes the gas grill and tank might not be strongly connected. Check the regulator and ensure better connectivity. 

  • Climate 

As odd as it is, sometimes abnormal climatic conditions, like heavy rain, etc., could cause a failure in the automatic ignition system. Use the chain on the grill to manually light up the burners in such instances. 


What is the chain on a gas grill for? It helps you to light up the grill manually in cases when the automatic ignition system of the gas grill fails to function. 

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