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What Attracts Ants? Keep These Things Away To Keep Ants Away

So, what attracts ants? You are about to find it out. Ant is the type of animal in the constant search of food for its survival. They are tiny living creatures commonly found anywhere and easy to recognize. These creatures mean no severe harm to humans unless they pinch into your skin when they feel threatened, but the real problem with ants is when they spread, and you face an ant infestation in your home.

To stop ants from entering your house from an infestation, you must find the root cause of it. Ants come to your house and infest because they are attracted to something in your home; thus, if you find out what attracts ants, it will be helpful to remove them.

Before you find out things that attract ants, examine the places where the ants live in your home. Investigate their environment and compare the features of the places they prefer to live in.

You might find them in your house’s dark, moist parts, like holes and cracks. Ants tend to get attracted when they find your place hospitable for basic survival; in this article, we will give you an insight into what attracts ants to your home.

What Attracts Ants?

Like any other living creature, the ants also seek shelter and food for survival; they enter your home expecting to complete their needs. You might know that hardworking little ants are always scavenging various food. Thus it is natural that ants are attracted to a food source. But the ants show a special preference for sugary sweet substances.  

When a single ant comes searching for food, they leave a scent trail so the other ants can be attracted and follow it. That is why you see ants often carrying food in a line to their nest.

Besides the fact the ants are attracted to different food sources and show a special preference for sugar-based food, they also try to find shelter in your home. Ants are attracted to humid spaces in your home through cracked spaces and holes to build their nests.

How to Keep Ants Away?

Ant infestation is not easy to deal with, especially if you are concerned about your food hygiene; you want to because some ants can carry poison. Some ants also tend to make holes in your walls and furniture damaging the valuables.

To get rid of the ants, you must first find out how they enter your home. Ants are small animals and can be easily carried from the outside, through groceries, your pets, or even you.

Ants can also enter your home through openings, like windows, doors, and cracks and holes behind the wall. To stop ants from entering your home, you must use materials like repellents and pesticides and thoroughly examine your groceries after bringing them home.

To keep ants away from your home, you must always maintain healthy habits around your home; below are some of the tips briefly explained.

  • Always keep your home clean. Cleaning will help you eliminate any food particles and easily spot an ant.
  • Keep your food wrapped and closed, do not leave your food open by any chance, and store them in the right way.
  • Use an air-tight trash can and take the garbage out of your home daily.
  • Fix the water leakages in the pipes and taps in your home to prevent moistness. Read how to get rid of moisture ants here. 
  • If you have a pet, ensure the pet food is not left the night. Clean the food crumbs if had any.
  • Repair the holes and cracks in your home’s roof, floors, and walls.
  • Always keep your kitchen cabinets close to where you store food.
  • Clean the kitchen after cooking, and do not leave any food traces.

Home Remedies to Prevent Ants From Coming Your Home

After following the steps above, you can eliminate the ants using different ingredients. Below are some ingredients to drive the ants away from your home and distract them from following food trail scents.

  1. Peppermint Oil – Originated from the mint plants, a common ingredient spotted in many repellants. Thus peppermint oil can be used to get rid of the ants by using a few drops in the infested area.
  2. Lemon juice – The acidity and strong odor in the lemon juice helps eliminate the ants. Because ants are allergic to the smell of lemon, you can spray the lime juice to remove ants.
  3. Cinnamon oil – You can also use cinnamon instead of cinnamon oil to eliminate the ants. Use the cinnamon oil the way you use the peppermint oil by leaving a few drops in the infested areas.
  4. Vinegar – White vinegar is the commonly used type to get rid of ants. The strong smell in the vinegar helps to distract the ants from the scent trails when sprayed.
  5. Sidewalk Chalk – The calcium carbonate in the chalk acts as a repellent to drive the ants away. You can use this as ordinary chalk to draw lines where the ants could enter.
  6. Borax – Borax is a type of chemical found in hardware stores. You use the borax by mixing warm water and sugar and soaking it with cotton balls. And place them in the infested areas.
  7. Boiling water – Ants can’t resist heat. Pour boiling water into the infested areas to kill the ants, which can be easily removed.
  8. Neem oil – Neem is a herb found in India, medicine, and also used in the beauty culture. However, the neem oil is used to get rid of the ants by spraying or using it in infested areas.


It is easy to conclude what attracts ants with a basic experiment and what you will be able to witness in your daily life. You can leave a few food particles on a table or the floor; sooner or later, you might see ants in the place.

In the article what attracts ants, it is concluded that ants, in general, are attracted to food sources, and they are interested in sweets more. Ants are also attracted to the moist areas of your home to find shelter and build their nest. The article also contemplates how to keep ants away by practising hygienic methods and using ingredients that are allergic to the ant.

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