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Portable Dishwasher Vs Built In: Which Is The Winner?

Currently, in most households, you will see a dishwasher, which makes washing much more convenient and quicker. Suppose you are planning to purchase a dishwasher for your house, then you will notice various options available. The three main classifications of the dishwasher are drawer, portable, and built-in. Often people are confused when choosing between the portable dishwasher vs built in. If you are also trying to select the best one among them, then by reading this blog, you will be able to understand the comparison between these two types.

You might know that the traditional type of dishwasher that people have used for a long back is the built-in type. In contrast, now different options include many advanced features. When getting a new dishwasher to your place, you will consider various factors like cost, size, performance, etc. So, rather than considering the best dishwasher, you will prioritize your need and get the most appropriate appliance suitable for the place.

When you take the portable and built-in dishwashers, both are two popular types. If you have the experience of using a dishwasher, you might know the benefits of having such an appliance. Compared to manually washing the dishes when using the dishwasher, you will save a lot of time which you can utilize for other work. Not only will this appliance save you time, but it can also remove germs in the dishes and clean them well, making the process easy.

Some dishwashers use advanced technology where they will be able to steam gloss and make the dishes shiny. You don’t have to worry about handling dish soap or detergents, which may cause skin irritation for sensitive skin types. Instead, you can clean the dishes using the dishwasher.

What Is A Built-in Dishwasher?

The built-in dishwasher is permanently placed in your kitchen. Most houses will install the built-in dishwasher underneath the countertop so that it does not interrupt your kitchen space. When cooking or trying a new recipe, dishes will indeed pile up.

If you need to wash them manually, you will be tired once done. In contrast, a considerable burden will reduce if you use the built-in dishwasher to wash the dishes. When installing the built-in dishwasher, you will need to connect it to the plumbing system in your house. For a better flow in your kitchen, you can try installing the built-in dishwasher, which will include many features.

What Is A Portable Dishwasher?

Before discussing the comparison between portable dishwasher vs built in, let’s briefly discuss what is a portable dishwasher. As the name refers, this type of dishwasher will be easily portable. So, it is not necessary to have this dishwasher in the kitchen always instead, you can store and get them into the kitchen when necessary.

Suppose you are wondering how you can use the portable dishwasher, then first you must take it near a faucet to get water supply by connecting the hose. Then you can operate the device by plugging the appliance into an electric outlet.

Portable Dishwasher Vs Built In

The most significant difference between portable dishwasher vs built in is that you can move the portable dishwasher from place to place due to mobility. Whereas if you consider the built-in dishwasher, it is permanently installed in the kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about the differences between both these dishwashers.


Both portable and built-in dishwashers are capable of washing, serving the purpose adequately. They help to clean and dry the dishes, when you take the result after washing the dishing, you will observe that a built-in dishwasher will work more efficiently.

Hence, if your family is large and has to clean many dishes after a meal, the best option is a built-in dishwasher. On the other hand, suppose if your family is small, then a portable dishwasher will be sufficient. If you are searching for a mobile appliance, that you can move, when necessary, then portable will serve the purpose quite well.

Capacity and Size of the Dishwasher

As already mentioned, the portable dishwasher is smaller and suitable for two to four members. The capacity of installing dishes in a portable dishwasher will be much less than a built-in dishwasher.

When you consider the type of a typical portable dishwasher, the width will be 24 to 25 inches, the depth 27 inches, and the height will be 36 inches, while the countertop dishwashers will be small. On the other hand, when you take the built-in dishwasher, you will see standard, oversized, and compact sizes.


The cost of any dishwasher will vary according to its size and the feature that are available. You can purchase a built-in dishwasher at the initial cost of around $300 to $1000. If you are planning to purchase a portable dishwasher, this appliance will be around $250 to$ 800.

Apart from the initial cost, you must also consider the installation cost. You might know that a built-in dishwasher connects to the plumbing system in your house. So, if you install a built-in dishwasher for the first time, the labor cost will be higher than replacing it. In contrast, when you take the cost of installation of a portable dishwasher, the cost will be less.

Pros and Cons of Built-in Dishwasher

When installing, you will connect the dishwasher to the plumbing system, which helps to supply and drain water. Hence while operating the dishwasher, you will be able to use the faucets in the kitchen. The installation with cabinetry will provide an appealing look, and you don’t have to wheel it from time to time.

The built-in dishwashers can clean many dishes simultaneously, and the operation will not produce loud noise while functioning. One of this appliance’s cons is that it will require plumbing and electrical work. Also, you will need to allocate some space in your kitchen to store the appliance.

Pros and Cons of Portable Dishwasher

This appliance will be useful when traveling and suitable for small families. You can store this device and take it only when necessary. Hence it will not permanently consume space in your kitchen.

The portable dishwasher is also ecological, and you can control the water supply. In contrast, this appliance will not be efficient for large families. Also, this will not be suitable for all types of kitchens, especially if the kitchen is small.

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