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Polished vs Honed Granite : What’s The Best Deal?

When it comes to choosing granite, remodeling your house may be a joyful and thrilling procedure. Polished vs Honed Granite. It could not be easy to decide what tabletop finish to choose.

Which Precisely is Polished Granite?

Granite that has been polished does have a texture that is hugely reflecting, allowing the stone’s natural characteristics and color brightness to be seen. A polished surface is incredibly smooth and brings out a stone’s natural color. A polished surface produces a lovely glossy sheen due to the crystallinity of a rock’s inherent reflection.

Descriptions of Polished Granite

The coating is used on polished granite. This serves as a shield, reducing the susceptibility of the stone to staining. Because of this, polished granite is a well-liked and traditional option for worktops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Because of this, there will be more noticeable scrapes on a gleaming surface. Due to its extreme smoothness, polished granite would be a risky choice for restroom flooring or heavy traffic sections because it could be incredibly slick when wet.

Honed Granite: What is it?

In order to achieve a flat or low-gloss shine without the remarkably reflecting, the mirror-like appearance of standard granite, the manufacturing polishing procedure is stopped before cleaning whenever you pick a honed finish. Homeowners seeking a relaxed or vintage aesthetic are drawn to the gentler-honed surface.

Qualities of Honed Granite

Along with its matte texture, honing makes granite more scratch-resistant. While honed granite may also get damaged, it happens less frequently than polished granite since the damage won’t be quite as obvious when light bounces off it.

However, honed granite is now more prone to discoloration, making it crucial to wipe up accidents quickly. Due to its matte finish, which makes it less slick when damp versus polished surfaces, matte carpeting is a fantastic option for flooring.

Polished vs Honed Granite

The polishing procedure is the fundamental distinction between polished as well as honed granite. As it is being created, granite undergoes a variety of methods. The stone’s texture is left looking matte and textured fabric after polishing and cutting.

A further procedure involves buffing polished stone using delicate polishing pads. This is the reason polished stone appears shiny and reflective. Since it enhances the colors’ brightness and draws attention here to the depths of the rock, polished granite has a smooth look which many folks consider appealing.

Polished vs Honed Granite: Differences in Looks and Design

Polished Granite

Granite that has been polished is the finest option if you want a refined, elegant appearance. It produces a grandeur as well as a refinement that is unmatched and shows the granite’s innate beauty in its entirety.

Polished granite exhibits the distinctive characteristics of the rock through a glossy, reflective surface sheen that reflects light effectively. The colors look deeper and more vibrant, as well as the texture seems faultless and smooth.

The best possible finish is a polished visual appearance. It significantly improves the interior design’s richness as well as elegance but has appropriately earned the designation as an emblem of grandeur and beauty.

Honed Granite

Granite countertops with a honed finish have a softer, better organic appearance and feel. Despite maintaining the exquisite natural stone’s top-class appeal, they convey a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.

Granite that has been honed might have a low shine or a matte finish. Although it has a highly velvety as well as clean texture to the feel, it loses the finished finish’s greater degree of brilliance and projection.

The glossy coating of buffed granite is not a look that many consumers desire. Additionally, because honed granite is less prevalent than polished granite, this offers the house a distinctive, intimate appearance.

If you prefer a subdued, modern aesthetic, honed granite becomes the best choice.

Polished vs Honed Granite: Upkeep While Using

Polished Granite

The majority of the holes upon that rock surface are sealed or closed by a polished finish, making it exceedingly hygienic, cleanable, and stain-resistant. It will be resealed less often since polished granite becomes less permeable than that other surface treatments.

For locations where food is prepared, including kitchen countertops and worktops, polished stone is a superb option since it readily repels water and doesn’t support germs. Countertops made of polished granite aren’t only attractive and helpful but also very adaptable.

Granite that has been polished is an excellent option for places that get a deal of daily usage and activity since the finish needs little upkeep and is highly likely to withstand spills, as well as other indications of abrasive use. In actuality, climate and chemical deterioration have little effect on polished granite.

Honed Granite

Although smoother than polished surfaces, honed surfaces remain substantially more permeable. Consequently, honed granite is particularly prone to contamination even after being sealed. Whenever poured on top, brightly colored foods and beverages can be left streaks and cause dark patches or discoloration.

Overall, honed granite takes greater upkeep than polished granite. Remember that a sharpened surface would make dust, oil, and handprints highly obvious and challenging to clean.

Honed granite is typically used for flooring, staircases, and other locations where liquid could be prevalent and pose the danger of slipping since honed stones become less slick than polished ones. Granite that has been honed can also be utilized for worktops and splashback if a more understated look is needed versus polished granite’s sparkling look.

Polished vs Honed Granite: Cost

It seems reasonable that polished stone would cost as much as honed stone since polished granite has to be ground more. But because polished finishes are so desirable, it’s highly probable that they’ll be in supply.

Since polish granite is more widely available, it is typically less expensive than honed granite. Even though the production is easier, an exceptional finish that needs a custom order might cost extra.

What is the Best Finish?

There are few distinctions here between pairs in terms of longevity and upkeep. Both are highly durable and almost scratch resistant.

Granite that has been honed would need sealing more frequently because it’s much more permeable. Polished surfaces are more prone to exhibit flaws since the shine will deteriorate in broken regions. However, both are excellent options for a kitchen or bathroom with the proper upkeep and care.

Several owners make their decision regarding polished versus honed granite solely tailored to the individual for design. Although polished would be the standard, a honed finish may fit better in houses with a more understated or natural look.

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