Choosing the Best Shower Valve: A Comparison of Moen and Delta

moen vs delta shower valve

In this article, Moen vs Delta shower, you will be able to find out what shower valve fits best for your purpose.If you have been hunting for a suitable shower valve, there is no doubt you would have come across the Moen and Delta shower valve.

Though there are different types of shower valves in the industry, the most recommended types demanded are the Moen shower valve and the Delta shower valve. Because of the close similarities and demands, people question which shower valve is better.

The two are compared, with their feature to find out what makes the Moen and Delta shower Valves different. Hence, because of the high demands, we have discussed the features and specifications by comparing the Moen and Delta shower valves.

What is a Moen Shower Valve?

The Moen shower valve has rain shower technology, which can give you a natural force of water showering experience. The Moen shower valve is an eco-friendly method as it helps to conserve water because it has a feature to optimize the flow using an aerator. Because of the water-saving technology is also cost-effective on your water bills.

The Moen shower valve also helps save 20% to 30% per month. Since the Moen shower valves are made with durable materials that can last longer, they can also cost slightly more than the Delta shower valve. Installing the Moen shower valve is also complicated. If you are thinking of DIY-ing, this is not a good option because you will need professional help or a plumber to install the Moen Shower valve.

What is a Delta Shower Valve?

One of the primary reasons for the delta shower valve to be the market’s favorite as much as the Moen shower valve is its affordability. The delta shower is constructed with plastic and metal, making it wear and tear-resistant. The Delta shower valve comes in different designs and is also lightweight. It is also easier to install with a few steps, and you will not have to pay extra charges to hire a professional. However, the Delta shower may not be durable as the Moen shower valve because they also have plastic pieces, but they do a fair job for the price.

What are the Differences Between Moen vs Delta Shower Valve?

One of the most anticipated parts of the article is to find out what makes the Moen shower valve. According to the above definitions, it is clear that the most significant difference between the Moen shower valve and the Delta shower valve is the convenience or the method of installation. Apart from the installation process, a few other features are listed below for you to get a better idea about the two shower valves.

  1. You will see the price differences between the two shower valves because of the materials used to design the parts. Moen shower valves are generally more expensive than Delta ones because they are only made with metal. But Delta shower valves, in contrast, cost less because it is designed with both metal and plastic materials.
  2. Moen shower valves last longer and are more durable than Delta shower valves because of the metal material, but Delta shower valves also are considerably resistant to wear and tear.
  3. Another difference between the Moen shower valve and the Delta shower valve is the functionality of the water pressure. Moen is the best option if you want to feel a content shower similar to a natural resource water pressure. But Delta, in contrast, can restricts the water pressure and gives a wavy flow because it has the pressure-balance feature to save water.
  4. The two shower valves are also not interchangeable because they are manufactured in different sizes, designed, and use other fitting parts.
  5. The mechanisms are also different, as the Moen shower valve uses a ball system while the delta shower valve uses a Cartridge system.
  6. A pro of using the Delta shower valve is that it has a spot guard feature that helps minimize residue buildup and minimizes the blocks. But, for the Moen shower valve, you must clean the parts to avoid residue buildup.
  7. The Delta shower valves are lighter and easy to hand during the setup, but the Moen shower valve, in contrast, is a bit heavier because of the metal parts.

What are the Similarities Between Moen and Delta Shower Valve?

After you discuss the differences between the two shower valves, it is as much as essential to look at the similarities that have given choices for you to choose. Below we have listed the similarities between the Moen and Delta shower valves for a better view of the features.

  1. The Moen shower and Delta Shower valves are cost-effective on your water bills as they have water-conserving features. It simultaneously makes the two shower valves eco-friendly products.
  2. Though the Moen shower valve is more durable than the Delta shower valve, their manufacturers offer equal lifetime warranties.

What are the similarities between Moen and Delta shower valve?

What is the Best shower Valve? Moen vs Delta Shower Valve?

Considering the differences and similarities in the features, selecting the best shower valve depends on the individual. Because the preferences differ with each person, and the type of shower valve you choose should fit according to your budget.

However, when comparing the two shower valves, it should be clear that the Moen shower valve is more luxurious while the Delta shower valve is a simple setup. The Moen shower valves are expensive and manufactured with only metal making them more durable and increasing quality. Delta valve, in contrast, is affordable and provides an excellent service for the price. Hence, the best shower valve you want depends on your preference and budget.

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In the Moen vs. Delta shower valve article, we have primarily discussed the differences and similarities between the two shower valves and their features. According to the details discussed in the article, the two shower valves have slight differences but do an excellent job equally.

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