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Is Egging A House Illegal And What To Do If Your House Got Egged

Eggs are a part of everyone’s meal, and most dieticians suggest two eggs per day in the diet plan. You can also use eggs to make various recipes, but mistakenly dropping an egg makes the place messy, and you will have to clean the home thoroughly to get rid of the smell. In this article, you will learn is egging a house illegal.

During holidays, students get into pranking people and involve themselves in egging houses. Although this might seem entertaining, is egging a house illegal? It would be best to teach your kids about the consequences they may face by involving themselves in illegal activities.

Since most students use social media, they try to imitate most of the things they see. Students and even adults are also trying new pranks, some of which will be dangerous while a few others will be illegal.

If you are wondering whether is egging a house illegal, then you are in the right place as this article will help you get the necessary information on it.

In case you encounter a stranger egging your house or throwing rotten tomatoes, it is essential to know what you must do in such a situation and whether you can call the police to check on the issue.

Sometimes you will try to prank your close friend. Although pranking will have so much entertainment, you must ensure that it does not go beyond the limits and break the legal concern, as this will prevent you from falling into trouble.

Suppose you’re planning to egg someone’s house as a friendly prank. In that case, it is better to know whether it is illegal because damaging others’ property or causing harm will not be considered an entertainment activity. You will have to pay for it.

Is Egging A House Illegal

Throwing eggs on other properties like vehicles, houses, or people is called egging.

When it is Halloween, many people plan different tricks and pranks. It is not bad if you are planning to execute a trick or prank, which is legal, but some of them might be harmful or illegal. So, it is better to consider legal concerns when planning such activities.

Most people ask is egging a house illegal and about the punishment. The fact is not only egging, but any type of intentionally damaging other’s property will be illegal, and you will have to fix the damages. Hence egging a house will also be illegal, and the punishment may differ according to the laws of your country.

Egging falls into the category of vandalism, where someone is causing damages or destruction to private or public properties. Sometimes when someone bullies you at school or keeps annoying you because of frustration and anger, you plan to throw eggs at the place, but this might make you face terrible consequences if they contact the police and take illegal actions.

Hence it is essential to know about the punishment related to egging a house and what you can do when someone eggs your house or any other property. Most countries like the USA, UK, Australia, and many more consider egging someone’s property as an act of vandalism. 

Egging Is An Act Of Vandalism

As already mentioned in the article, egging is damaging a property belonging to another individual or government, which is an act of vandalism. If a gang of friends is planning to egg someone’s house, it will often be a bad idea as you will have to experience terrible consequences.

Most people try to understand the legal punishment a person will get for egging a house or any other property. The level of punishment may vary according to the laws established in your country.

Apart from vandalism, you also make another mistake which is criminal trespassing, where you enter a person’s property without his permission. If you trespass without causing any damage to the property, then it is not a crime.

According to the intensity of the damage, the punishment may differ. Usually, if someone eggs another person’s house in California, they will go to jail for a period of one year, and this may increase to 16 months, two years, or more if there are any server misdemeanors.

If the person involves in egging, then he has to pay a fine of $1000. The fine may increase to $5000 if he has been involved in prior vandalism acts. The fine for a vandalism felony will differ from $10000 to $50000 depending on the intensity of the damages.

Both misdemeanors and felonies will have informal probation. If you are wondering how the law will classify a misdemeanor and felony, then it will depend on the cost of damages.

If the damage cost is less than $400, the person who committed the crime will have to pay misdemeanor charges, whereas if someone does damages which is $400 or above, he will have to make the payment according to felony charges.

Now you might know that egging a house is not something simple as a consequence might turn out severe. In the next section of the article, let’s look at what you can do if someone eggs your house.

What You Can Do If Someone Eggs Your House

Since egging a house is an illegal act, if you encounter such a situation, the first thing that you must do is call the police and inform them. The police officer will start to investigate the case and may find the criminal. Then the criminal will be subjected to fines for the damages caused for your house and be in jail for a certain period.

Sooner after informing the police about the scenario, you must clean the house’s exterior as the cleaning process will become difficult if the eggs dry. If they have egged the window, you can use baking soda to clean it well.

Also, to prevent your house from such vandalism activities and trespass, you can install a CCTV camera that may alert the people trying to cause any damage to your property. The cameras will also help to identify if any strangers enter your house without permission.

You may also install motion-detecting security lights to make your place more secure. It is better to call the local police station if someone eggs your place, and please refrain from using a 911 as it is for emergent purposes.

We hope this article was helpful.

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