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How To Wash Sherpa Blanket? Can You Wash Sherpa Blanket?

So you may be wondering about How To Wash Sherpa Blanket without ruining it? Nothing beats a big, cozy sherpa blanket draped over your couch in the fall. This soft material is ideal for chilly weather, but keeping it clean might be difficult. You’ll have to know how and when to care for anything made of wool, whether clothing or blankets.

On the other hand, Sherpa has a significant flaw, and it gets quickly destroyed after the first wash. The fabric is far less durable than natural materials, making it relatively delicate and needing special attention and maintenance. 

Read this post carefully because we will provide a few helpful tips on laundering a sherpa blanket to let it last indefinitely.

What is a Sherpa blanket?

Many people mix up the fabric with comparable options like fleece or shearling. While they appear almost similar, Sherpa got designed with a unique influence.

Initially, makers fashioned the cloth after the Sherpa people’s attire, hence the name. Sherpas are natives of Nepal’s Himalayas and survive in subzero conditions; they line their garments with wool to keep warm in the bitter weather.

Sherpa fabric gets produced from a synthetic material blend, and polyester and acrylic are examples of such materials. Cotton also gets used in specific blankets. However, it is less frequent.

Can you wash Sherpa blanket?

Sherpa fabric may be hand washed in cold water or washed delicately in a washing machine. Hand washing or utilizing the delicate cycle reduces the amount of friction on the cloth. This friction might cause tiny thread bobbles known as pills to develop on the material’s surface.

Taking extra care, like only using dye-free and scent-free detergent, will assist avoid matting upon that fleecy side of the cloth.

Sherpa fabric can get damaged by high temperatures, strong chemicals, and prolonged friction. This material must never get dried in a standard dryer. Under these temperatures, it may burn, melt, or become irreparably matted.

Also, if you use a washing machine, use cool water rather than hot or warm water both for wash and rinse cycles.

Finally, avoid using bleach on this sort of fleece. You can use non-chlorine bleaching in a pinch and immediately rinse it off, but even this affects the fleece’s quality.

If this sounds like a lot of work, keep in mind that sherpa blankets may be kept clean and fluffy for years with proper washing and drying.

How to wash Sherpa blanket?

So how to wash Sherpa blanket? Follow the methods below:

By using Washing Machine

  • Spot the stains

The first step in cleaning the sherpa blanket would be to identify the regions that have stains. When you notice stains, it’s critical to treat them initially before washing them thoroughly. Even if you promptly wash your blanket, some heavier stains may remain after the process.

  • Put the blanket in the washing machine

After cleaning all the stains, you may wash your sherpa blanket on a delicate cycle in your washing machine. It is also critical to use only cold or warm water to keep the blanket from shedding. Furthermore, you should use gentle detergent because aggressive washing products may harm the blanket’s fabric.

We also recommend washing your Sherpa by itself to minimize color bleed from other items. It is essential if you have white or light sherpas. It is also the most effective way to protect the blanket from matting. When the delicate threads of the blanket touch against other fabrics, they can pill, destroying the fluffy texture.

  • Rinse and dry thoroughly

The blanket should then be thoroughly rinsed 3 to 4 times until minimal detergent is left. Usually, if you don’t rinse it thoroughly, your blanket will have a terrible odor, especially if it isn’t thoroughly dried.

As a result, you must adequately dry it. However, a dryer gets not recommended since it may promote shedding and matting. If the weather isn’t cooperating, you may dry it naturally outdoors or on a garment rack inside your home. However, you may also look at the label of the sherpa blanket to see if it can get dried in a dryer.

Hand Washing Sherpa Blanket

After knowing how to wash Sherpa blanket, you could enjoy hand-washing a sherpa throw if you have room and leisure! This method gave the safest alternative for protecting your fluffy blanket despite requiring more work.

  • Fill a clean bathtub, a big basin, or a kitchen sink halfway with cold water. Warm water temperature may cause harm to the fleece.
  • Immerse the blanket in cold water. Swish it about with your hands to ensure that the cloth is moist all the way through.
  • Add a few drops of a mild laundry detergent to the water. Mix the detergent into the water to make soapy foam with your hands.
  • Move the blanket folds through into the water with both hands. At this point, expose all of the cloth to the soap. You don’t want to squeeze or rubbing the blanket too much. Gently pull it through the water.
  • Remove the water. Fair warning: you will be dealing with a hefty, water-logged blanket in this phase! Lift it and rub the covering gently between your palms to eliminate as much water as possible. And then dry it by hanging it outdoors rather than using a dryer.

Final Thought

In many families, the Sherpa blanket is a favorite winter item. However, there are specific unique actions you must follow when cleaning it. We’ve shown you how and when to clean a Sherpa blanket in this article. We recommend using lukewarm water and a fabric-friendly detergent if laundering by hand.

If you ever wash it in the machine, use gentle modes with warm or cool water only, and don’t tumble dry it. When drying, spread the blanket flat to eliminate wrinkles and prevent hanging from drying.

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