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How to Transport Sliding Glass Door? – The Best Guidance

Sliding glass doors are an innovative design that adds a more modernized look to your apartment or house. If you are thinking of a renovation with such a door and adding more color to your atmosphere, you may have come across the matter of transportation. But how to transport sliding glass door? This is quite challenging and seems like a complex task. Isn’t it? So, we are going to give you a complete understanding of this tough task without causing any damage or risks during the process. Do scroll down! 

How Do You Carry a Sliding Glass Door?

Glass is prone to break. Therefore, transporting a glass-made door must be done with much more care and tolerance. You will have to spend an extra labor expense to fix the apparatus of transporting. If you are a service provider who sells sliding glass doors and needs to reach the clients with the doors, you surely must have prior knowledge on this topic. Otherwise, the companies and the buyers will face great losses and extra expenditure on cleaning the broken and re-arranging the deal, for instance. 

If you ever meet with a situation to carry a sliding glass door, you will have to make a platform that the glass door can rest still. It is also crucial to prevent the vibrations, and you also cannot transport two glasses contacting each other as there is a high chance of breaking due to small vibrations on the ride. If you do not have a pickup truck with enough length to rest the door horizontally, you can also fix it vertically with ropes and fixtures and transport it without any harm using the space along the vertical axis. 

What is the Best Method to Transport a Glass Sliding Door? 

The best method should contain enough space for the glass sliding door. With that concern, a pickup truck is ideal for this work. But you need to make some temporary installations to your pickup truck in order to carry a glass door. The key to making this project successful is to keep the glass door still and away from receiving vibrations. 

You can take 2×2 for the fixing. Keep two at the front and the end of the truck and fix them as not moving using wooden cleats. You can place the 2×2 horizontally crossing the left and right sides of the vehicle and screw the cleats to the wooden bars at an angle of 90°. While screwing, make sure the cleats touch the walls of the vehicle just to ensure tightness. 

Now you can place a plywood surface on the two horizontally fixed 2×2 and screw it onto those wooden bars. Now you have got a steady and even ground to make rest the glass sliding door. You can tie the door to the surface and connect it to the clamps in the truck. A nylon-made rope or strips will be the best match for this task. 

How to Transport Sliding Glass Doors without Pickup?

If your vehicle does not have enough space to carry the glass sliding door horizontally, do not worry! There is an option. You can use the vertical method. Here you are going to place the glass siding door with wooden 2×4 s. Place two of 2×4 s horizontally with enough tightness to hold the door upright. Then two 2×4 s must be placed vertically beside the glass surface on the front and the back. Now use clamps and secure the fixture. You can use another wooden plank to support the vertical wooden structures. 

If the width of the glass door is larger than the width of your truck, you can slant it and transport it. Place one side on the truck surface and slant the other on the opposite wall. Place wooden planks to minimize the vibrations, and you are all set to go!

If you are lucky to find a glass transport track that matches the length of your truck model, then the work is so much easy. There are types of glass racks designed to be mounted on vans too. Depending on the weight of the glass slide door that needs to be carried, you can choose the relevant glass transport rack. Usually, the price ranges around $200- $2000. The racks with wheels are also an option you have got here. You can try pulling a rack on the ground if the distance is short. 

Precautions When Carrying a Glass Door

Carrying a glass door is not a simple task that can be done yourself. You will definitely need a supporter. There must be another person who takes care of the surroundings when loading and unloading the glass weights. This is essential for the means of the safety of you and the other people in the location. If you are going to load the glass door onto a truck, move to your side when holding the door. It is not recommended to take the glass higher than your head or under the arms. Correct postures are an essential fact when carrying a glass door. 

If something goes wrong and you see the glass is failing, never go to avoid it, as it may end in a disaster causing injuries and cuts. Instead, run away from the location to a safer place. Do not touch the broken glass with bare hands; avoid trying to break the glass into smaller pieces using your hands or legs. Standing or walking in an area with broken glass is highly prohibited. 

When you carry the glass to the truck or to the transport rack, please do not hold it by the corners, as you may end up bleedings. When it happens to carry multiple numbers of glass sheets, the rack is the most suitable method. If you do not have such, the sandwich method done by placing cardboard between each glass face should be done. 

Transporting glass needs lots of care, attention, and more labor. If you collaborate with these facts discussed in this article, you will be lucky to have your glass sliding door on your premises without a single crack. 

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