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How to Take Off a Shower Handle that has No Screws? (DIY Tips)

This article is for you if the shower handle you’re using doesn’t have any screws. The latest shower handle models available in the market come with no screws. Therefore, you should know how to remove them also after purchasing. Most people remove their shower handles when they are used for longer and when they observe leaks in their shower handles. Do you know how to take off a shower handle that has no screws? Let’s find out!

How do Shower Handles Work?

The shower handle is the door that controls water which comes from the shower. Also, by using the shower handle, you can control the temperature of the water as well. Here’s how your shower handles work:

When you turn the shower handle in one direction, water starts to pour from the shower faucet. By turning it in the opposite direction, you will be able to close the shower. By turning the shower handle, the water valve opens and lets water come in.

Why do you Need to Remove the Shower Handle?

People remove the shower handle for numerous reasons, and the reasons will change from person to person. Given below are some common reasons to remove the shower handle.

  • You may feel a fault in the shower handle sometimes. Then you have to remove it to repair or replace it. 
  • And if there is a leak in the shower, you have to remove the shower handle to fix the issue.
  • Other reasons that caused the removal of the shower handle are a damaged filter and a failed faucet cartridge.
  • Finally, if you want to clean all the parts of the shower handle, including the interior, you must remove the handle.

What Tool Do you Need to Remove Shower Handles?

You need some tools if you can’t remove shower handles with your bare hands. A pair of pliers are commonly used to remove the shower handle. Or you can use a faucet handle puller. It will be easier to pull with the pliers when the shower handle is wrapped. So, use a towel or some rough cloth to wrap around the base of the shower handle.

There are several types of shower handles. Some of them are lever handles, knob handles, cross handles, and double faucet handles.

What Tool Do you Need to Remove Shower Handles

Lever handles usually have hidden screws in them. Knob handles come in different styles, and they might have hidden screws in some designs, or they also come with no screws at all.

Cross handles are also the same as knob handles when it comes to screws, but double faucet handles will have hidden screws.

Therefore, you need wrenches and screwdrivers to loosen the screws if there are any hidden screws. Flat-head screwdriver is the tool that is commonly in use when removing shower handles.

How to Remove a Shower Handle that has a Hidden Screw?

Some shower handles may consist of screws that are not visible easily. But if you look for them, you can see there are some screws on your shower handle. So, let’s find out how to remove that kind of shower handle by step-by-step.

  1. First, try spinning and twisting the shower handle. Use a towel or a cloth to get a good grip. Or you can also use pliers to remove the handle.
  2. If the handle didn’t come off, look for the hidden screws. You’ll probably find those under the cap or at the base of the shower handle. To find hidden screws pop the cap off. 
  3. Next, you have to remove the screws. Use a flat-head screwdriver if you have regular screws, and use an Allen wrench for hex screws.
  4. After removing the screws again, try pulling off the handle as before using pliers or with a bare hand. Then the shower handle will come off.

How to Remove the Shower Handle without Screws?

  1. Before removing your shower handle, turn off the water supply. 
  2. Remove the handle’s base and check for any hidden screws, as mentioned before, to ensure it doesn’t have any screws if you’re shower handle is from a brand that manufactures or a type that has shower handles without screws.
  3. Remove any screws if you find them using a screwdriver.
  4. Now, you can remove the shower handle. If it is harder to pull it out with your bare hands, use a cloth to get a grip. Or use pliers to remove the shower handle. 

How Often should you Replace Shower Handle?

About 5 to 10 years. This depends on several factors like leaking issues, the quality of the shower handle and other external effects. But you should clean your shower handle often to use it for a long time.

This is because of the growth of bacteria. Many types of microorganisms are likely to live in those moist areas, such as shower handles.

What are the Benefits of Removing and Replacing Shower Handles?

With time, shower handles will perform poorly. They might be worn and damaged to perform well. So, replacing the shower handle will benefit you in more aspects.

  • The water pressure will come at high speed, like when you first installed your shower.  
  • Also, it will give a new look to your bathroom. You can also replace it with a shower handle that has a modern appearance to look your bathing area stylish.
  • Removing and replacing the shower handle will protect you. If your old shower handle is at fault, it is better to change it for a new one quickly.

What Can I Use to Get Rid of Mineral Deposits in the Faucet Handle?

You can use baking soda or white vinegar to rub off those mineral deposits. But if the material of the shower handle is made out of metal that reacts with acid and causes discolouration, it is best to avoid substances like vinegar. Instead, you can use a cleaning agent that is best used on faucet handles and rub off the minerals too. Examples are CLR, Drano, Lime Away, etc.

How Do I Remove the Base of a Double Faucet Handle?

To remove the base of a double faucet handle, hold the arm of the shower handle and twist the base of the shower handle anticlockwise. 

What should you Do If the Shower Handle Still Won’t Come Off After Trying these Methods?

You can use home remedies such as vinegar or commercial scale dissolver to dissolve the scale. If that doesn’t work, it is best to buy a handle puller. See the guidelines in the user manual and use them to pull the shower handle easily.

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