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How to Reheat Tteokbokki? – The Proper Way

The tteokbokki is a Korean dish and very famous among Koreans but lesser known to people from different countries. However, it is an effortless dish that anyone can make. And if you have leftover tteokbokki, you may wonder how to reheat tteokbokki without losing its taste.

The tteokbokki is also called simmered rice cakes. These rice cakes are made of rice cake noodles called tteokmyeon. You can find many flavors of this dish and the most common flavors are curry tteokbokki, cream sauce tteokbokki, grilled ribs tteokbokki, sweet bean sauce tteokbokki, and seafood tteokbokki. So, it is worth trying this mouth-watering dish! Today, in this article, we will cover the correct way of reheating tteokbokki. So keep reading.

Can You Reheat Leftover Tteokbokki?

Yes, you can reheat leftover tteokbokki. It is easy than you think. There are several methods to reheat tteokbokki. Apart from the stove and oven, you also can do it in the microwave. According to your preference and convenience, you can choose the right equipment. 

It would be best to finish your whole dish instead of storing leftovers because you can have the best taste of tteokbokki when they are fresh. In contrast, after you reheat the tteokbokki, you won’t be able to have the original taste as they are fresh. Anyways, if you have leftover tteokbokki, you will have to store and reheat them before you eat them. Here storing the leftover is something crucial to get a better reheating experience. Therefore, before seeing how to reheat tteokbokki, we will see how to store tteokbokki properly.

How to Store Tteokbokki Properly?

If you store leftover tteokbokki properly, you can store these for up to three to five days in the refrigerator. To store tteokbokki, you should have a casserole dish with a lid or an air-tight container. Then, the container or dish with leftover will be kept in the refrigerator. Ensure to leave the tteokbokki at room temperature for a short time before reheating.

The tteokbokki has a pasta-like texture. So after you leave the leftover tteokbokki in the refrigerator, the sauce will be absorbed into the rice cakes and hardened after a few days. So it is best to store the sauce and the tteokbokki pieces separately. This way, you can have the most delicious tteokbokki after reheating. Whereas, if you have mixed the pieces with the sauce, do not hesitate to store them because you still can do so. But the taste might be different.

If you wonder whether you can freeze tteokbokki, then the answer is no. Do not even think about it. You will not be able to get the taste and the freshness as before once you freeze the cooked tteokbokki pieces. But, there is one way you can freeze tteokbokki; that is, you can freeze uncooked tteokbokki. If you wish to freeze uncooked tteokbokki, they can be safely kept up to three months.

How to Reheat Tteokbokki?

As we have mentioned above, there are a few methods to reheat tteokbokki. You might have an oven, microwave or at least a stove. So, let’s see one by one the process of reheating tteokbokki.

  • How to Reheat Tteokbokki Using the Microwave?

This is the easiest way to reheat tteokbokki, but there are better ways to reheat tteokbokki. This method would be perfect, when you are in a rush. But unfortunately, you cannot get freshness in your dish if you reheat it using the microwave. Anyway, this is how it is done.

You have to take a microwave-safe dish, sprinkle some water on the tteokbokki, and microwave it at ten-second intervals. And you get yourself reheated tteokbokki.

As for our experience, you will not have the best out of your tteokbokki, but it is edible.

  • How to Reheat Tteokbokki on the Stove?

It would be best to leave the refrigerated tteokbokki on the countertop until it reaches room temperature. Then take a saucepan and add some water to the bottom of the saucepan. Otherwise, tteokbokki may stick to the bottom of the pan. You will most likely destroy your tteokbokki if you avoid this step, so make sure you do it.

Keep the flame low and stir while reheating to get the best results. Make sure you stir the tteokbokki so gently that you will not destroy the pieces. Once the sauce is thickened, then you are good to go.

  • How to Reheat Tteokbokki in the Oven?

If you use the oven to reheat your leftover tteokbokki, you will be able to prevent the tteokbokki from drying and becoming harder. This will happen if you use the microwave, so if you want to prevent that, the best option is to use the oven to reheat tteokbokki.

Now let’s see how to reheat tteokbokki using the microwave. First, leave the tteokbokki at room temperature, take an oven-safe container, and lay all the tteokbokki left. Then heat the tteokbokki in the preheated oven for one minute and take it out. Then stir the tteokbokki, put it back in the oven, and heat for another minute. And it is ready. Now you all have to do is enjoy.

This is the perfect method to reheat tteokbokki from three methods. The tteokbokki pieces will be moist and soft if you use this method to reheat tteokbokki.

How to Reheat Tteokbokki in the Air Fryer?

Air fryer is a very popular kitchen item at present so you might have one. So this method is for those who own an air fryer. Make sure to keep the temperature under control when you reheat the tteokbokki. So the temperature of the air fryer should be at 300F. Then, you put all the leftover tteokbokki pieces with the sauce and heat for three minutes. After that, take it out and stir gently. And heat it again for two minutes till the tteokbokki pieces are heated thoroughly.

So this article presented you multiple methods to reheat tteokbokki, and you can choose any method you like.

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