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How to Paint Over Glazed Ceramic Without Damaging It?

You might have seen many household items in glazed ceramic. Ceramic glaze is a type of coating you can apply on top of the ceramic things to prevent the color or make them waterproof. In this article, you will learn how to paint over glazed ceramic.

Are you wondering how to paint a pot so you can give it a stunning look and place it in your living area? Rather than going for a normal painting and giving it the traditional look, go for something unique.

Knowing how to paint over glazed ceramic you can make any ceramic look elegant, and you will not have to worry about the color fading as the ceramic glaze will prevent fading.

When you paint pots, pans, cups, dishes, or other ceramic items, you cannot paint them as if you paint on paper or boards. Instead, it would be best to learn how to paint over glazed ceramic as you must follow certain steps to complete the painting properly.

As you will use the kitchenware ceramics to put the food, you must also consider the safety so that the color doesn’t mix with the food. However, you cannot do it without knowledge, learning it is very simple, and once you know, you will be good enough to paint glazed ceramic on your own.

What Is Glazed Ceramic?

All items made of ceramic will not belong to the glazed ceramic category. There are several types of ceramic, such as greenware ceramic, bisque ceramic, and glazed ceramic. The ceramic type differs according to the method of manufacturing.

This article will be looking at the glazed ceramic and how to paint it over glazed ceramic. To form a glazed ceramic, you have to burn the greenware ceramic in the kiln, which will result in brisque ceramic. When you apply glaze coating on top of it and burn it again in the kiln, you will obtain glazed ceramic.

The manufacturing process of glazed ceramic is time-consuming compared to the other types, but the outcome will give a luxurious look. You must prepare the surface of a glazed ceramic to paint it, and you can do glaze coating on the ceramic in two ways: the gloss glaze and the matte glaze.

The gloss glaze will give a shiny look, while the matte glaze will give a dull look. Glazing the ceramic will increase the value of it.

How to Paint Over Glazed Ceramic?

Painting the glazed ceramic, yourself will be more valuable, and you can even gift it to someone special. To paint your glazed ceramic, you will need sandpapers, clean rags, spray-on primer, and any ceramic paint. If you cannot find any ceramic color, alternatively, you can also use acrylic, epoxy or latex paints. Carefully follow the steps mentioned below to complete your glazed ceramic painting successfully.

1st Step

Initially, you have to prepare the surface before starting to paint. The glazed ceramic surface will be slippery. Therefore, you must scrape it using sandpaper and make it a little rough so that the paint quickly sticks to the surface. When sanding the surface, do not put immense pressure.

The ceramic is fragile, and you might break it. Scrape until it looks matte. Once you prepare the surface, painting will be easy and durable. Although you can paint on the glazed ceramic without preparing the surface, it will not last. Sooner after the paint dries, you can easily peel it off. Hence preparing the surface is mandatory.

2nd Step

Next, you have to remove all the dust from the surface of the ceramic, and you can use a rag to do this. Dip the rag in water and give a perfect cleaning to remove all the dust from the surface. Then let it dry completely.

You can also wash the surface with water and soap, which will be time-consuming as it may get late to dry. Removing the dust will help you obtain a smooth look at the end, or you might feel bumps when the dust mixes with the paint.

3rd Step

Now you can start applying the paint but don’t hurry. You can make it even more perfect by using primer coating. Put the newspaper or any other paper on the floor to avoid contacting the primer.

Place the ceramic in the center, then start spraying by placing primer spray about 13 inches away. A thin primer coating will help cover any holes and make the surface rough enough for the paint to stick well. Let it dry well.

After drying, you can even spray the primer again for better finishing. Instead of the spray, you can also use the primer paint, but the spray will be easy and efficient. Make sure the primer coating dries well before going to the next step.

4th Step

Now you apply to base paint color to cover the primer coating. After doing this, you can start your art. Start by painting with ceramic paints, you can make your unique art.

Freehand art looks good and will be purely your ideas, but you can also use the stencil to paint the ceramic. After painting, you must let it dry for one whole day (24 hours).

5th Step

If you think it is complete, it’s not, but you are almost at the end of the process. Letting the painted ceramic dry will not make the paint stay too long. To prevent it from fading, heat the ceramic in the oven at 200- 250 degrees for thirty minutes to one hour.

Once you get the ceramic out, let it cool and then apply a coating of glaze to give a glossier look. Glaze coating will increase durability as well. Anyways, glazing is optional as heating, the ceramic in the oven will be enough to prevent the paint from fading.

That is how to paint over glazed ceramic, and now you can paint a glazed ceramic on your own. Although the process seems a bit long and time-consuming, it will be interesting if you love painting. And the result will also look pretty gorgeous and worth the time you spent painting your glazed ceramic.

By reading this article, you would have gained some knowledge on how to paint over glazed ceramic and by using this procedure, you can make you splendid art on glazed ceramic. We hope this article was informative!

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