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How To Get Spray Paint Off mirror? 8 Simple Methods

A mirror is an object made with a glass base to reflect images.  Mirrors are used in almost every sector and are commonly seen in homes fixed in frames to your cupboards, dressing tables, decorating the interior, etc.  Since the mirror adds an elegant appearance to your home, you don’t want your mirrors to get spoiled, and it also decreases the quality of the mirror if defaced.  But accidents are common in your household; for example, paint spray paint can get on your mirror when refurbishing your furniture.  In such an instance, it is essential to know how to get spray paint off mirror instead of fussing.

Unlike any other surface, removing paint from a glass surface is not an easy job.  Because the spray paint firmly sticks to the surface, you have to give extra effort to remove the paint. 

The worst part of dealing with spray paint on your mirror is when it is scattered to a larger area; once you witness the spray paint on your mirror, take immediate action to remove it before drying.  Because it only gets harder to remove the paint off the mirror if dried.

How Did Spray Paint Get On The Mirror?

As previously stated, accidents are common in your household, but you must always prepare and devise a backup plan to seek them out.  It is normal to get disappointed if you have ever experienced spray paint on the mirror.  Because it destroys the original beauty of the piece and its purpose of it, but you can always save the mirror by learning how to get spray paint off mirror.

There are many ways the spray paint can get into your mirror; besides when refurbishing your furniture, these are accidents common when renovating your room, doing craft work, doing room makeovers, and especially when you have toddlers.  Painting is a part of the child’s brain development where, at one point of your child’s growth, they have to explore with spray paint, where they might cause accidents to get paint on the mirror.

How To Get Spray Paint Off Mirror?

If you notice spray paint on the mirror, it is best to try to remove the earliest before it dries out.  Because the longer you leave the paint on a mirror, the harder it dries and sticks to the surface, making it harder to remove. 

First, clean the mirror thoroughly to get rid of the spray paint from the mirror.  Use a steel wall with some washing liquid mixed in lukewarm water and scrub the mirror to clean and remove smaller dots of spray paint.  After cleaning the mirror, you can use solvents to remove the paint.

Below are some methods that can be used to remove spray paint off the mirror; always ensure you wear gloves before removing the paint from the mirror.

1.      Nail polish remover

The primary purpose of the nail polish remover is to get rid of the nail paint; thus, the Acetone in the nail polish remover acts as a solvent by effectively dissolving the paint from the mirror.  Use a cotton ball and add some nail polish remover to it.

Test it from the corner to ensure the Acetone does not disfigure the mirror.  Nail polish remover is suitable for remover smaller spray paint areas because it can be tedious, and nail polish removers usually come in smaller quantity bottles.

2.      Paint Thinner

The paint thinner is a strong solvent commonly seen to remove paint.  You can remove the stubborn spray paint stuck to the surface by using a sponge and simply wiping it from the mirror.  The paint thinner is also suitable for removing larger areas of spray paint covering the mirror.

3.      Graffiti remover

As the name implies, the graffiti remover is a cleaner that removes the graffiti and works effectively to remove the spray paint from the mirror.  Spray the graffiti remover on the mirror and leave for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Now use a paper towel or cotton fiber cloth and wipe it from the mirror.  Repeat the process if there are stubborn stains in the mirror.  The graffiti remover can eliminate spray paint spread to a larger area.

4.      Vinegar

Vinegar is a well-known cleaner, but it may not effectively remove stubborn paint or larger areas.  You can soak the cotton balls in vinegar and use them to remove mild spray paint on the mirror.  After using the vinegar on the spray, wipe the rest of the residue from the mirror.

5.      Oven Cleaner

Oven Cleaner is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to use.  Spray the oven cleaner over the affected area and leave for some time.  Using water and a clean cloth, wipe the mirror; you will not remove the paint but also have a shining mirror.

6.      Scrapper

You can use a scrapper if you don’t want to use a chemical on your mirror.  Use a sharp metal blade-like object and scrape the paint slowly from the mirror.  Be gentle to avoid any damage and scratches on your hand.  You can also soak the mirror in soap water and use the scraper to work effectively.

7.      Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol is one of the most effective ways to remove spray paint from the mirror.  Mix the Alcohol with some water, and using a cotton cloth, apply it to the mirror and wipe it off till the pain is removed from the surface.

8.      Whiteboard markers

The whiteboard marker, also known as the dry-erase marker, works effectively.  Rub the marker over the paint area till it disappears from the mirror and wipes it with a cloth; this method is only suitable for removing smaller regions.


In the article how to get spray paint off mirror, we discussed the different methods that can be used to get rid of the paint safely from the mirror and the possibility the spray paint can get into the mirror.  Thus using the previously stated methods, you can successfully remove the spray paint to protect your glass from disfiguring.

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