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How To Get Rid Of Hot Tub Bacteria – Comprehensive Guide

This guide will demonstrate to you how to get rid of hot tub bacteria. Nothing beats a lengthy soaking in a hot tub to melt away the day’s tension. However, it could also reveal you to a slew of hazardous microorganisms. The similar hot, steaming settings that render bathtubs so enjoyable make them an ideal forerunner for unpleasant organisms.

It may induce skin ailments, hearing, vision, breathing, and potentially fatal illness. You can maintain your hot tub clean and healthy for your family members and guests by doing routine servicing. Suppose you’re concerned about embracing the numerous advantages of a hot tub because of germs. In that case, there are several steps you can take to guarantee the tub is hygienic and appropriate for use. 

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Hot tub fouling scum is a mix of microbes that adhere to the substrate of bathtubs. These bacteria coat themselves in surface coatings that make them resilient to detergents such as chlorine or bromide, culminating in a smelly scum-like material that hovers in the liquid.

This slimy buildup can produce murky water and, worse, swirling detritus in the flow. Biofilm development is more likely in bathtubs that don’t get adequately cleaned and disinfected. Tubs propolis usually gets triggered by bathers’ impurities, including fatty oils, antiperspirants, cosmetics, and fragrances.

Filters are old or broken, and unbalanced water and insufficient cleaning can create hot tub sludge. If you found fungus in your bathtub piping, you would like to remove it. Let’s look at how to get rid of hot tub bacteria.

How To Get Rid Of Hot Tub Bacteria?

Let us start our guide on how to remove bacteria from a hot tub. 


Examine the hot tub for sludge, a foul odor, or cloudy water, which indicate bacterial contamination. Contemplate anybody who has gotten a skin condition after utilizing your bathtub as a symptom of dangerous germs before you go towards how to get rid of hot tub bacteria.

Filter Replacement

Take the filter out of your hot tub, and change it when it is more than a year old and is poor. Alternatively, dilute a nighttime filtering cleaner in 6-8 gallons of fresh water or the product’s recommended quantity. To remove hot tub germs, soak the filtering in the mixture overnight, and Wash it first thing the next day.

Note: 1 tsp particulate chlorine dissolved in three to five liters of water. For 2 to 4 hrs, soak the hot tub, filtering in the mixture.


Using a bleaching remover and a towel, wipe off the bathtub’s base covering and the filtration opening in the tub’s wall. If the covering becomes soggy, it cannot be repaired and should be changed.

Shock Treatments

Whenever you use your bath daily, the detergents mix with biological materials in the water, including dirt, detergent, shampoos, skin oil, etc. Chlorine that interacts with organic substances is known as combined accessible chlorine, as it’s lesser efficient at disinfection while also producing foul smells and eye discomfort. Free accessible chlorine that has not interacted with any biological substance is an efficient cleaner.

A shock solution gets recommended to ensure that your jacuzzi has the proper level of disinfection. The procedure removes the combination accessible chlorine in a warm bath by increasing the chlorine quantity to Ten times the usual proportion.

After that, allow it to rest till the free chlorine concentrations return to approved limits. Shock solutions should preferably get carried out before the cumulative accessible chlorine exceeds 0.5ppm.

Run Tub for half an hour

Fill the hot bathtub with water till the water height is approximately an inch more than usual. Shut the lid and switch on any sprinklers, air movers, or water couplers at their maximum setting. Operate the hot tub equipment for half an hour to thoroughly sanitize the bathtub. Throughout this period, switch air injections up and down after five mins.

Flush the System

With every 100 gallons of fresh liquid in your heated bathtub, use 4 tbsp of a bathtub unit flushing item or the quantity recommended on the manufacturer’s packaging. Add the unit flush to the fluid and operate the hot bathtub devices for further 30 mins like before. It helps clean all the infrastructures that lead into and out of the heated bathtub.

Note: The hot tub should get drained. Examine the interior for evidence of fungus or slime. Remove any debris with a scrubbing brush and a bleach-containing cleaner.

Refill the Hot Tub

Replace the filtration and replenish the hot bathtub with water—mix two teaspoons of chlorine in a pail of liquid for every 500 gallons in the bathtub. Fill the heated bathtub with the solution.


In the stream, place a hot bathtub testing strip. The color of the testing strips changes depending on the number of pollutants in the stream. They arrive with a chart to assist you in understanding the colors. Assess the chlorine content in your hot tub using the table. It must be approximately ten parts per million. If that’s not, add additional chlorine or clean water as needed.

Run Tub Overnight

Switch on the heated bathtub, enclose it, and allow the water to swirl for six to twelve hrs or nighttime. Assess for free chloride by dipping one testing strip into the water. If somehow the strips reveal chloride’s existence, your heated bathtub is now bacteria-free. If the strip does not indicate free chlorine, the bathtub should be scrubbed and sterilized.

Tips When Cleaning A Hot Tub

  • Cover your hands by wearing mittens when operating with pool toxins or bleaching.
  • Take a bath before entering the heated bathtub. It eliminates any pollutants from your body and hair, preventing them from entering the stream with you.
  • To avoid the occurrence of germs, buy up a commercially disinfectant, including chlorine

Bottom Line

Even after being cleansed and shocked regularly, a hot bathtub can get infested with germs. We explored how to tell whether a hot tub is plagued with bacteria and control it in this guide.

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