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Here Are Some GREAT Methods To Dispose Of An Old Toilet

Non-biodegradable bathroom faucets, toilet bowls, and toilet facilities are just a few of the items that wind up in landfills that are bad for the environment. If you’re going to replace your toilet and aren’t sure how to dispose of an old toilet, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are various environmentally friendly options.

Disposing of a toilet isn’t something most people do every day, let alone every year. In reality, this could be one’s first encounter with this issue. However, no toilet is designed to last eternally. As an outcome, learning how to dispose of an old toilet is unavoidable in owning a house.

You can desire to get away from an old toilet for various purposes. We’ll go through your alternatives in this post. Go for the most appropriate choice for yourself.

Why Is It Worth Replacing An Old Toilet?

Toilets and many other fixtures in your house will eventually have to be changed due to normal wear and tear. You may want to switch to a modern, more water-efficient, and comfy model; or replace a problematic unit that is constantly breaking down.

Instead of transporting your old toilet to a dump, where that might become permanent landfill garbage, you should find a safe way to dispose of it. There are several possibilities for disposal involving recycling and reuse.

How To Dispose Of An Old Toilet?

Below are various safe methods to dispose of your old toilet, based on your provincial and municipal regulations:

Habitat For Humanity Restore

The Habitat for Humanity initiative is a collection of retail stores offering new and gently used domestic supplies, such as toilets. Contact them to determine if the regional Habitat for Humanity Re-Store accepts old toilets.

Suppose you donate your bathroom to just a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. In that case, one can be sure that it will be put to better use anyway, needing to worry regarding recycling regulations or contributing to a landfill.

Hazardous Sewage Treatment Company

To find out if the local municipality offers curbside toilets, call or go to the webpage of the regional waste disposal business. When it concerns the collection of old toilets, trash collection organizations have varying regulations. So it’s wise to phone beforehand and double-check.

Some people will support an old toilet beside the garbage bin just at the curb, whereas others ask for notice or deny it. The service may be available in your town.

Obtain a dumpster rental

Hiring a dumpster is usually your overall best disposal choice if toilet disposal is part of a broader job that will create a lot of renovation waste. When you live in an apartment community, find out if your garbage removal business allows you to throw old toilets inside the trash.

Consider that if you’re only eliminating a single bathroom, it may not be the best option.

Move it to a landfill or perhaps a transfer station

A transfer station is a secure facility that classifies rubbish before transporting it to different landfills across the country or state. You might take your old toilet to a local waste disposal company’s transit station or the city’s landfill, according to where you reside.

Large, bulky goods not permitted for curbside collection are frequently dropped off at these locations. Dump your toilet off from a recycling facility in your area. Send the old bathroom over to a porcelain-accepting recycling site near you. If one doesn’t, see if the municipal water authority may offer suggestions for a firm that will accept old toilets.

Online recycling groups will take your toilet

Details and locations of goods freely available from people of your surrounding area are provided through electronic recycling organizations such as Freecycle. Arrange for the next group member to come and collect up the toilet upon the suitable day, hour, and location whenever another person in the group reaches you.

How To Reuse An Old Toilet?

Adaptive reuse, often known as innovative reuse, is transforming an old or abandoned toilet into something more functional and attractive. It usually gives a thing a new purpose. Maybe you reuse the old equipment if you’re feeling very inventive.

Decoration for the yard

The bowls and the tank may be used to grow attractive blooms in a garden. To make a gorgeous and helpful flower pot, refill the bottom of a toilet and the tank using topsoil.

Statues and wall art

Use a toilet seat and lid like a blank slate for any paint job. A toilet seat may also be used as a frame on the wall to display lovely photographs in your house.

Tanks for fish

 Anyone can make a fish tank out of the rear of an old toilet. You may also keep fish food and supplies in the bowl.

Platter for pets

Easily clean and sanitize your old toilet and remove the tank to convert it into a pet dish. Maintain the dish whole to avoid huge dogs having to bend too far to drink.

Seating Options

Cleansing the toilet, bonding the seat and lid firmly, and coloring it to fit your décor is all it takes to transform an old bathroom into a chair.

Plans for Toilet Recycling

Many municipalities have operational recycling systems in which porcelain lavatory bowls are crushed, mixed with concrete, and used to construct sidewalks & roads. Verify with your city whether there is any toilet composting program.

Dismantle it into its parts

You may also dismantle an old toilet for pieces to utilize in various jobs. Screws, nuts, levers, studs, gaskets, connectors, and pipes are all helpful pieces in case the other lavatory components within your property fail.

When should your toilet be replaced?

Several plumbers think that a toilet should endure at least 50 years, and this is true only if the toilet is well-maintained and used gently, which would not last so much if this were put incorrectly or routinely overused.

Final Thoughts

Well, you want to get rid of your toilet but aren’t sure where to start. There are many reasons to replace a toilet, but how to dispose of an old toilet is equally vital. We discussed a range of approaches for getting rid of an old toilet in this post.

Never try to dispose of an old toilet in a place that isn’t approved for this type of garbage. It can be environmentally harmful and result in harsh penalties or legal ramifications. Look into the recycling alternatives we’ve covered so far, or better yet, reuse them or give them to somebody who can use it.

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