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How To Clean White Huaraches

The elegant and comfortable huarache shoes belong to the Nike brand. The first huarache shoe came in 1991, the Nike Air Huarache, a sneaker best for marathon runners. In this article, you will learn how to clean white huaraches. Although these huarache shoes are the best branded footwear, they will get dirty like other sports shoes when you start using them. Especially when a white huarache gets dirty, it will be visible. You must clean the white huarache properly to remove all the dirt and make the shoes look white. This article will provide some tips if you are searching for how to clean white huaraches.

You cannot complain about the brand or the dirt on your shoes when you start using them, as all the shoes will have mud, dirt, and scuffs when you wear them out. So, sports shoes will surely get dirty when you use them during sports.

Neglecting to clean the dirty shoes will decrease their durability, and hence you will not be able to use them for a longer time. Therefore, you must know how to clean white huaraches to clean them well and have proper maintenance.

Taking due care of your sneaker will increase its performance. Also, it is essential to clean the shoes correctly, as improper cleaning may cause damage to the shoes. When you purchase classy and costly shoes like white huaraches, you must know how to clean white huaraches so that you can use them for a long time.

How To Make It Look Like A Brand-New White Huarache!

When wearing a shoe and going out, you will always want it to look good. So, many people avoid buying white shoes as the dirt will be visible, but did you know you can give a perfect clean to your white huarache? Yes! This article will teach you step-by-step how to clean white huaraches so that you can bring the brand-new look back.

If you are one among those who struggle to clean their shoes, then continue reading to make the process easy. Almost all the goods require adequate maintenance to retain a good look and to last long, so you need to learn how to clean white huaraches so that you can clean them yourself.

How To Clean White Huaraches 

To keep your white huaraches fresh and clean, you can follow the tips mentioned below in the article. Before stepping in to process, you must also know that there are several ways to clean your white huarache, and the cleaning procedure you choose will depend on the intensity of the dirt and debris.

  • White Huarache Cleaning By Using Bleach

The bleaching agent will be an excellent product to clean an intensively dirty white Huarache. You must take a small container and mix one portion of the bleaching agents with five portions of water. You can dip it in the solution and scrub the shoes using an old brush.

After thoroughly cleaning, you can soak a towel in the water, drain the excess water, and wipe the shoes well by using the wet towel. Then place the shoes to dry well, by doing this your huaraches shoes will become white and clean.

But remember using an excessive bleaching agent or directly applying the bleaching agent without diluting will damage your shoes. Use this procedure only on white shoes.

  • Soap And Water Can Clean Your White Huarache

Form a solution in a container by mixing 250 ml water with a dishwasher and then dip a bristle brush in the solution and scrub the dirt in your shoes using the brush. This solution will be good if you regularly clean your white huarache as it is mild.

But for intensive dirt, you will have to scrub with more pressure to rid of the dirt. After scrubbing the solution, you can use a wet cloth and clean the shoes well until the slippery solution removes, and then dry the shoes well before using them.

Instead of a dishwasher, you can use white vinegar to clean the shoes but dilute it before using it.

  • Baking Soda On Your White Huarache

Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in a small bowl with one tablespoon of hot water and one tablespoon of white vinegar. Using a brush apply this thick mixture to your shoes and let or dry for around 4 hours. Now you can clap the shoes until the dried paste removes.

You can remove the remaining mix on the shoe using a brush. This process will help to make the shoe look like a brand-new one. Make sure you do this on a sunny day so the paste will dry well, and the sunlight will also help improve the whiteness.

  • Is Toothpaste A Good Cleaning Agent For Your White Huarache?

A non-gel toothpaste will also be a brilliant cleaning agent on your white shoes. Using white toothpaste will be the best option as there are possibilities for stains when using colored toothpaste.

Get some white toothpaste to an old toothbrush and apply it to your shoes, then place the shoes to dry for around 15 to 20 minutes. After drying, you can use a wet towel to clean the toothpaste and dry your shoes well before using.

  • All-Purpose Cleaner On Your Shoes

The all-purpose cleaner will also be an excellent option to clean the white huarache shoes. You can spray this cleaner on your shoes and scrub it well using a toothbrush to remove stains and dirt. Afterwards, you can use a wet cloth or a towel to clean the shoes. Dry the shoes well by placing them outside.

What Are The Safety Measures You Must Take When Cleaning The White Huarache

When cleaning your white huarache, you will be using different cleaning agents that will contain bleaching and other chemicals which will be harmful to your skin. Hence, it is essential to take necessary safety measures.

  • Wear a pair of gloves and mask yourself during the cleaning process.
  • Before applying the cleaning agent, remove all the mud and dust from the shoes so the process will not become messy.
  • Always use a stick or brush to mix any solutions you use to clean the shoes.
  • Remove the lace from the shoes before cleaning. You can separately wash the lace.
  • Do not apply cleaning agents like bleach or baking soda excessively as it may damage the shoes.

We hope this article on how to clean white huaraches will help you learn some tips you can use when cleaning your white huarache.

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