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Trouble Cleaning Bricks Pavers? Here’s How To Clean Brick Pavers?

Brick Pavers are a decorative feature that may get used in any context. Whether the pavers get utilized as a pathway around your garden, as a patio, along the pool deck, or as a driveway, they will eventually lose their shine. So you might be thinking about how to clean brick pavers? Cleaning brick pavers is not difficult or time-consuming if you have the appropriate tools. Learn how to clean brick pavers fast and use a few easy approaches. You’ll get some suggestions on how to keep your paver looking good.

What are Brick Pavers?

Brick pavers are attractive, sturdy, and stain-resistant materials used to construct patios, driveways, garden paths, and pool decks, among other spaces in our houses. However, because of the environment, wear and tear, and poor upkeep, pavers will lose their brilliance with time.

Brick pavers get often constructed of clay or colored aggregate concrete. They come in various colors and patterns, and they have a significant aesthetic impact on a landscape. Brick pavers will get scurfy, fade, and lose value if they are not cleaned and maintained correctly.

How To Clean Brick Pavers – Methods

It means either spending hundreds of dollars to repair your pavers or throwing everything away. Cleaning your pavers once a year or after a special event, such as a barbeque party, will maintain them looking new all year and will last a lifetime. So how to clean brick pavers? Here’s a quick guide on cleaning pavers:

Remove Furniture and Plants

Move whatever potted plants or furnishings that may be in the way of cleaning your brick pavers, depending on their location. While cleaning, you would like a clean surface free of impediments.

Cover any surrounding landscape that may be harmed by water or chemicals in the cleaning goods with a tarp at this stage. Cover any metal things as well.

Clear moss and weeds

Use a firm bristles brush broom to disrupt and sweep away any moss growth on or between pavers. Weeds should get pulled out gently between paver joints. Brush the dirt off your paved surface once all organic growth is released. If you remove a lot of complicated sand by pulling weeds, you will need to re-sand your pavers after cleaning.

Cut around the Edges

Cut along the edges with a power washer, especially if you use a surface cleaning. Cutting along the margins ensures that every area is clean, including places that the surface cleaners cannot reach. Wash the brick pavers well to remove loose surface debris and moisten them.

Cleaning Solutions For Brick Pavers

If the brick pavers weren’t too unclean, you could use a basic liquid detergent. Cleaning products designed particularly for brickwork and similar surfaces are also available.

  1. Use Detergents

To clean your brick pavers, you may use a variety of cleansers. The safest cleanser is a blend of water and a moderate home cleaner, such as dish detergent.

  • Fill a gallon bucket halfway with water and add 16oz of dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly mix the soap into the water.
  • When your cleaning solution gets prepared, gently pour some of it onto the paver surface, working in tiny sections at a time.

There are also specialized cleaning products. These cleaners are available at shops. Consider consulting with an employee about which cleanser to use on the pavers.

  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is also a viable choice for how to clean brick pavers. A cup of baking soda and warm water should get mixed, followed by a few drops of soap. Combine all of the ingredients.

  1. Bleach

Scrubbing is an option if you may not have a power washer and have persistent stains on your brick.

  • Combine a 10% solution of chlorine bleach and water in a bucket.
  • Using a stiff-bristled brush, scrub the affected region.
  • After removing the spots, properly rinse the brick with clean water.

Wear rubber gloves to protect if you want to use chlorine bleach, as washing and spraying can drive some of the bleach mixtures into your face.

  1. Vinegar

A combination of water and white vinegar is another natural and safe approach to touch up your brick pavers.

  • Sprinkle your pavers with a solution made of equal parts vinegar and water.
  • Allow the vinegar solution to stay on the pavers for approximately an hour. Allow it before scrubbing any stains with soap and water.

If mold and mildew have grown on the pavers, vinegar is indeed the best cleaning to use. It has acetic acid, which is very powerful at eliminating fungus, bacteria, and germs on the surface. Apply household vinegar straight on mold without combining it with water for best results.

Whatever cleaning solution you use, make sure only to use it in small areas and allows users to work on that area more extensively to ensure cleanliness. It also prevents the cleanser from hardening on the brick paver or becoming less efficient as you scrape it.

How to keep brick pavers clean

Now that you’ve cleaned up your patio, it’s essential to stay that way. As a result, brick cleaning should become a standard component of your outdoor care routine.

  • In the spring, give the paver a thorough cleaning.
  • Clean and weed the paver once every week to 2 weeks.
  • Give the brick paver a deep clean or power washing every few months.
  • Check for cracking bricks and worn-out fissures regularly.
  • When you come across damaged or soiled bricks, replace them.
  • As a precautionary step, install a patio seal.

Call a professional right away if you encounter a stain that you can’t remove.

Final Thought

Maintaining your brick pavers is a time-consuming operation at the end of the day. It takes a particular type of homeowner to take on this job. Remember that help is only a call away. You might contact a pressure cleaning business or even the paver service that placed your pavers for assistance.

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