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How Many Amps Does A Garbage Disposal Use? Explained

A garbage disposer is an essential kitchen item. Garbage disposal is one of the most critical pieces of equipment in your house or business for effectively disposing of foodstuff and trash. Like all other equipment in your home or cafe, the garbage disposer gets powered by electricity. Are you installing trash disposal in your household for the initial time? Then, before attaching it to an electrical socket, you need to know how many amps does a garbage disposal use.

You must be aware of this device’s power consumption. Therefore, if you do not utilize a connection with enough amperes to meet the needed amperage rates while wiring the trash disposal, it would crash while being in operation. Allow us to assist you in determining how many amperages and wattage your trash disposal consumes and other pertinent facts.

Quick Summary: Garbage disposer needs a 15 amp connection. A separate 15 amp connection is the right approach for installing a single garbage disposal.

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The trash disposal must be hardwired or hooked to a power socket via a grounding electricity connection. Additionally, the waste disposal must have a separate devoted circuit. It’s the typical electrical need for most trash disposal kinds.

However, several other trash disposal manufacturers or kinds may have various functions and specifications. Before establishing a new trash machine, verify the manufacturer’s directions regarding the electrical needs from the user handbook that accompanies the garbage dumping.

It’s why to keep things smoother for you. We will explain how many amps does a garbage disposal use and what sort of connection is optimal for installing the garbage disposer

How Many AMPS Does A Garbage Disposal Use?

Each waste disposal equipment requires its amount of power. Every device has a tag with the needed electrical demands of the device inscribed on it. However, we would assist you in understanding how much amperage and wattage a trash disposal device consumes. We will help you correctly understand this and inform you exactly how many amps does a garbage disposal use

3/4 Hp

In general, a 3/4 HP trash machine draws 5.5 amperes. However, that uses up to 15 amperes for a brief period at starting.

1/2 Hp

Typically, a 1/2 HP trash machine consumes four amps. However, at starting, it might utilize approximately 13.5 amperes for a brief period.

1/3 Hp

1/3 Hp trash dumping machines are the tiniest and utilize the minimum amount of power, around 2.8 amperes in typical working circumstances. However, based on the device’s performance, these figures might increase or perhaps six times their average amount at starting. In general, the values at starting might be about 11.25 amperes.

1 Hp

Corporate or heavy-duty trash disposal has a horsepower rating of one. In use, it draws approximately 7 amperes, and it might require around 21 amperes starting.

Circuit breaker

Trash disposal requires its breakers. There are several valid arguments why you must utilize a dedicated breaker for the trash compactor. The most reasonable explanation is that you don’t want your trash machine to crash because it has a rotor and its power usage varies periodically.

Another apparent response to back the reasoning is that it employs a motor. It might take nearly twice or perhaps six times more power when beginning from idling or switching it on. Because motors use more power when turned on, you might blow the breaker to which it is attached owing to a deficiency of loading capability on the circuit splitter.

Note: Trash disposal necessitates a switching similar to the trash disposal capacity and the breaker to which it is connected. Because 20-ampere breakers typically link trash disposer, trash disposer requires a 20-ampere switch to function correctly, or it may overload and damage the entire button.

Reducing Power Usage

Trash disposal does not consume a lot of power. Garbage disposal, however, can squander a lot of power if misused. Therefore, let us assist you in learning how to save energy on trash disposal:


It’s important to remember that your trash machine does not grind or combine your rubbish. It just removes that from your kitchen drain and dumps it correctly. As an outcome, you won’t have to operate it constantly. Whenever you are not using your machine, switch it off and utilize it just whenever you require to discard rubbish.

Disposable material

Suppose you put items in the trash removal that are problematic for the device to discard. The trash removal will strive to toss your rubbish in whatever manner it can by increasing the power supplied to the motor.

As a consequence, more power will get consumed. Read the trash disposal handbook for a checklist of items that force the removal to take more energy than usual. Avoid using your trash machine to discard those items.


The secret to conserving energy is to maintain your waste disposal tidy. If your trash removal is spotless, it would be simple to manage and function effectively without any issues.

If your trash removal is dirty, it will attempt to eliminate your rubbish by increasing the motor’s capacity. As a consequence, you would use more power. Therefore, once you’ve used your waste disposal, ensure it’s spotless.

It’s straightforward to maintain your waste disposal tidy. After operating the trash machine for 5–20 secs, run liquid via it. It will remove all the junk accumulated in the waste disposal. Additionally, use cleanup products to clear out the machine after two months.

Note: Appropriate trash disposal servicing can assist it last more and use less energy. If you cannot perform the servicing yourself, get an expert to perform it and maintain your trash machine clean so that it consumes minimal power.

Bottom Line

On average, garbage disposals use between 2.8 and 7 amps when operating. However, starting, it consumes about six times the average number of amperes and watts.

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