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Why is My Furnace So Loud? We Found 6 Main Culprits

The furnace is one of the essential appliances at your home that will work daily, especially during the fall seasons. Through combustion, the furnace will produce heat which helps to keep the house warm. Although this is a virtual device, when it starts making weird noises, it would often annoy you. Why is my furnace so loud? Let us answer this.

Suppose your furnace produces loud noise, then you don’t have to panic instead, search for the possible causes and try fixing it. Imagine that you get home after a long day, and due to the cold, you decide to heat the house by operating the furnace, but suddenly, when it makes strange noises than usual, it might sound scary. Sometimes these noises will disturb your sleep, making you wake up in the middle of the night and find a solution to the problem.

Some people try to avoid such noises and think it will gradually reduce. In contrast, these sounds indicate that something is wrong with the device, so it is better to check on it earlier before the damage intensity increases. When visitors are in your place, the loud furnace noise could make them feel uncomfortable as they will have to talk on top of their voices when making a conversation.

It would be hard to listen to your favorite song or watch television. Hence, it is better to understand the causes so that you can check on the issue and try to solve it.

Sometimes when the sound is frustrating, people try to turn off the furnace, but this will not help the situation since the temperature inside the house will not make you feel comfortable. Rather than avoiding the problem, it is better to sort them out so that the furnace works as usual. 

Why is My Furnace So Loud?

As already mentioned in the article, there many causes for your furnace to produce strange noises. Also, it will produce different sounds like whistling, banging, popping, and scraping. The method of fixing might change according to the type of sound your furnace produces. Resource related to “Why is my furnace so loud” will help you understand the possible type of sounds, the cause, and the solution for such issues.

Type of Furnace Noises

Suppose you are going to a professional and mention that your furnace is making a loud noise, then they would question back, asking for the exact type of sound since this device will produce different noises. If you don’t know, here are a few types of noise your furnace might produce.

  • Banging Sound
  • Scraping Sound
  • Rattling and Rambling sound
  • Whistling or hitched pitch screeching
  • Humming sound
  • Popping sound

According to the type of sound, the causes will differ. Hence you must be able to identify the type of sound your furnace produces before stepping in to finding the cause or solution.

Causes for Loud Furnace Noises

Now let’s look at some of the possible causes of the loud noise in your furnace.

Issues in the Blower Motor

Suppose you hear squealing and screeching sounds in your furnace, then a possible cause will be an issue in the blower motor. The air that comes to each room of the house is through the air duct, and the blow motors are the component that will turn the blower fan and send air to the air duct.

You might know that the blower motor in the furnace needs sufficient oil for lubrication to continue to perform its task without any hassle. Suppose the oil is low, and you might hear a loud noise. To avoid such a problem, it is better to lubricate the blow motors at least once a year.

Misalignment of Blower Wheel

The blower wheel in your furnace will be present in the blower motor. If you hear a scraping sound from the furnace, this might be due to the misalignment of the blower wheel. This is an essential part that will help to send massive volumes of air via the air duct.

Any issue in this component can cause it to function poorly. So, to ensure that it is functioning efficiently, you will need to get the help of the HVAC Company. They will clean the blower motor by removing all the dirt or grease built up and adequately aligning it.

Dirty Furnace Filter

The air filter’s main purpose in your furnace is to prevent the device from any pollutants like dirt, debris, hair, etc. The proper function of the furnace filter will also increase indoor air quality. If the air filter is dirty, then this might cause screeching sounds.

If your furnace uses a permanent air filter, you will have to clean it frequently to reduce this sound. In contrast, if you use a disposable air filter, you can replace it with a new one. How often you need to replace the air filter depends on the filter size.

Cracked Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger in your furnace will separate the breathing air from the combustion process. Hence the combustion will take place in a closed chamber. Sometimes the heat exchanger might have some crack, producing loud noise.

Mainly the heat exchanger will crack when you don’t clean the furnace on time and replace the furnace filter. If the heat exchanger in your furnace crack, you must not run the furnace as this cause carbon monoxide leak, a poisonous gas. To ensure that the heating system is functioning correctly, you must maintain the furnace regularly.

The issue in the Ducts

The duct system in your furnace will have thin metal sheets. Suppose you hear banging and rattling sounds from the furnace, which might be due to some issue in the duct. Hence by getting the help of a professional, you can inspect the ducts and fix if there is any issue.

Dirty Burners

The furnace burner is the component present in the device which produces heat within the furnace. Sooner after turning on the furnace, if you hear a banging sound like an explosion, this will be due to a dirty burner. A dirty burner will slow the igniting process hence you might hear a loud noise.

So, to avoid such an issue, you can clean the furnace regularly with the help of a professional. You must also know that such explosive noises will indicate danger, so better to solve the issue before operating the furnace.

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