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Do Roombas Scratch Hardwood Floors? [Helpful & Easy Guide]

Robot vacuum machines are technologically advanced, so they can do vacuuming more effectively. Such a well-known machine is Roomba from the company iRobot. Due to its effectiveness, there are different models of Roomba now. If your home has a hardwood floor, you may be afraid to use a Roomba since wood is a somewhat sensitive material. And if the hardwood is scratched, it is hard to fully cover the damage. Do Roombas scratch hardwood floors? We are going to shed some light on this misconception from this article. Refer to the next section to know whether Roomba is harmful or not.

Do Roombas Scratch Hardwood Floors? 

There is a chance of scratching your hardwood floor if you equip an old Roomba model for cleaning. They come with spinning side brushes, and they can involve scratching the floor. When you activate the machine, they move in a circular motion to clean the floor, so gradually, the floor can be irritated.

But newer Roomba vacuum machines are less harmful than old versions. Because there was a plastic brush in old models, but the latest versions of Roomba have been designed with rubber brushes due to the issues of scratching. The rubber is soft, so the hardwood floor can bear the impact of the machine. The model iRobot Roomba i7+ is a good choice for cleaning hardwood floors.

There is another potential reason to scratch the floor by even a new model. If you have not cleaned the Roomba, there might still be debris that was stuck in the side swivel wheel. When you use uncleaned Roomba again and again, it drags the debris and particles along with it. As a result, the floor might be scratched here and there.

When it comes to the weight of Roomba, it affects the effectiveness of the machine. Lightweight ones can do the job well because they can easily move around.

Moreover, the pressure that made the machine on the floor while cleaning is low in lightweight Roombas. So there is less chance of scratching the floor. You can choose the most compatible model according to the space in your house since different models come with different capacities.

Basically, there are two shapes of Roomba. Most models have a round shape, and they are flat (around 13.3 – 13.9 inches), so they can easily go here and there. But the s9 and s9+ come with a vertical box apart from the round disk. They are better for larger spaces.

Are There Any Features on the Roomba Vacuum Cleaner to Make Them Safe for Hardwood Floors? 

Your Roomba comes with these features, so it is safe to use on your hardwood floors.

  1. The brushes of Roomba have made of soft rubber bristles. If there are typical rolling brushes, they can scratch the floor. Any harsh brush can damage the wood surface, so go through the model’s descriptions to ensure the material of its components.
  2. And they can identify the carpets on the floor using their sensors. So if you have put carpets on hardwood floors, they continue cleaning without harming the material of your carpet.
  3. If you have pets, their hairs are often on the floor. But Roomba is not clogged or get stuck when the hair is removed.

How to Prevent a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner from Scratching Hardwood Floors? 

Check whether the model you are going to buy is equipped with the above features. The most important component of the Roomba is the brushes. Choose a model that comes with soft rubber bristles.

The other most important thing is you should clean the Roomba regularly. As mentioned once, if there are particles that have stuck in the brushes, they can scratch the floor when the robot moves on the floor.

How to Prevent a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner from Scratching Hardwood Floors

However, if you do not have time to clean this gadget, you can buy an advanced model such as the Roomba s9+, which cleans the machine itself by filling its bin for up to 60 days.

And it would be better not to choose a heavy Roomba because lighter ones can easily move on the floor. If the machine is moving with great difficulty, there is a chance of damaging the floor.

Over time, the parts of the Roomba might wear out, so replace the roller and side brushes whenever necessary. Otherwise, their worn edges can damage the floor.


Should you Vacuum or Mop Hardwood Floors?

Vacuuming is the best practice for hardwood floors. Because tiny particles of debris/dirt and hairs cannot be 100% removed by moping, most of the time, the wet mop might spread them here and there. But vacuum cleaners tug all the stubborn particles in. If you want to continue the cleaning with moping, do it as the second step after vacuuming. But squeeze the water from the mop as much as possible since damping can be harmful to wood.

Is Roomba i7+ Good for Hardwood Floors? 

Yes, this model is less harmful to hardwood floors because of its soft rubber rollers. However, make sure to keep the side brushes clean; otherwise, you will notice some scratching on the floor due to the dragged debris. The high suction capacity, as well as the advanced cleaning technology, ensure the effectiveness of the machine more than older models of Roomba.

Does a Roomba Mop the Floor Too? 

Roomba Combo j7+ can vacuum as well as mop the floor. The sensors themselves can identify whether the floor should be vacuumed or mopped, and it shifts between these two methods of cleaning. But it has been programmed not to wet the carpets. The shape of the j7+ is the same as other models, round and flat. And latest Roomba s9+ comes with separate parts to vacuum and mop. When the vacuuming is completed, the other part starts moping the floor.

Does Roomba Eventually Learn the Floor Plan? 

Yes, when the machine is operated 3 to 5 times, it can learn the layout of the floor. Roomba follows a pattern of cleaning after mapping the floor. It has been developed with the technology called Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (VSLAM). When the Roomba knows the layout, it creates an Imprint Smart Map. You can customize this map as you wish through iRobot Home app. When you change something on the floor, Roomba will adapt too.

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