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How Much Does It Cost To Move A Staircase?

Are you looking for a change in the vibe around your house by relocating an old staircase? Absolutely it would be a great refreshment for the entire house. How much does it cost to move a staircase? This is an area in which you need to do more ground research before starting the project to arrange your budget.

You know the new idea flashed in your mind is not indeed a doddle. The project needs lots of man hours and effort. Thus, it is the reason that makes it expensive. Suppose you are planning to build a completely new staircase or to add modifications. In that case, there are various options available in the industry to be chosen according to the amount you have in your hand.

A proper estimation done prior to work will avoid unexpected expenses and extras. At the same time, you will be aware of the problems that can occur and need to deal with during the processing time.

Therefore, first, you will need to discuss it with the agent that you are going to hire a one. If it is a self-done project, you must plan the things such as the place of relocating, the addition of new items like carpets and the needed permissions along with the costs.

If your ambition is to replace your old-fashioned staircase with a modern gazed, you will have to spend the total. But in case you only want to change the place or the direction, it will cost less.

You need not worry about the damage or unbalance of the roof when making a staircase move, as stairs do not bear any weight. That makes you relieved but be certain to draw the sketch by an engineer or an architect if you are planning to move and relocate it somewhere else in the house because the new place should probably be carrying some weight.

How Much Does It Cost To Move A Staircase?

There are several things that affect your budget. We have described some in this article for your easy reference.

  • Inspection and permission done by the local authority– You will need to make an appointment and arrange a site visit. This will cost you around $ 230.
  • Location– You cannot choose any place by chance for relocation. A suitable place must be found according to the design of your house. And also, if the staircase is currently in a faraway place for the relocating place, it will take more time and labour too. For instance, moving a basement staircase could be taken. When the task is difficult, it will increase the labour cost.

If it is only limited to relocation without renovation, then you could clear all with less than $1000. If you are getting done with a completely new stair, it will cost nearly $10 000 or more.

  • Style– The newer the design and features, the higher the cost. If you are hoping to add additional features such as handrails, newels, and newel caps etc., parallelly the amount you spend will also be increased. 
  • Size– If the new design is larger in size, it will cost additionally.
  • Changing the direction- The type of floor that the stair needs to be changed on will decide which one to hire when you need a direction change. 
  • Condition- If the old flooring is out of use, it will cost extra to install new carpets. You will also have to go for a new colouring if the paint is damaged and peeling.

Consequently, while reading the passages, you must have understood that moving a staircase consists of basically three steps removing the parts of the old staircase, installing it in the pre-decided place and doing the required upgrade and finishing. 

$250 – $700 will be spent if you are renewing the staircase with new features. If the posts are added along, it will cost about $300, the least. If there is nothing much to do, you will not exceed $50 as additional charges.

Are Moving Stairs Worth It?

When you find the open space of your house is blocked by a wrongly placed staircase or needs more light to come in, moving a staircase is a good decision. In order with a moving staircase, you will be able to redesign it, combining it with the latest designs so that it will modernise your house. Hence, moving stairs is one of the best rearrangements for a house if you are expecting a fresh up-to-date appearance.

Can I Move The Stairs Myself?

If you are well concerned about the planning and the demolishing of walls that bear loads of your house, then this could be done as a home project. You can buy specially designed kits for moving staircases in the market. It will save the expenditure for designing and labour.

Even though, if your region has certain regulations, you will have to expend the same amount for those.

You must be careful with the measurements. A simple mistake in calculations will end the project in failure. If you do not have professional knowledge, please do not choose this option. It directly makes a threat to the people living in the household.


The question of how much does it cost to move a staircase must be answered after observation and discussion done by a professional. This is not a simple demolishing and rebuilding that could be done with self-involve. We have discussed the clear reasons in this article.

Moving a staircase is the best change that can be done when you need to light up the space. But if this is not done with proper care, it will be a threat to the whole building, creating a huge risk to your life.

Moreover, this renovation must be done with legal permission in order to avoid fees for lawsuits. If you are looking for a stair moving, we hope that this article will lead you to a feelgood ending!

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