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Can You Convert a Gas Dryer to Electric? Yes!! But With These Drawbacks

A major plus is obtaining washing and dryer connections while moving into a new house. Although the new house has electrical connections, your dryer is gas. What’s next? Can you convert a gas dryer to electric? It’s critical to comprehend the distinctions between an electric dryer as well as a gas dryer prior to diving through into technicalities when converting a gas dryer to electric.

The Differences Between Gas vs Electric Dryers

The mechanism used to vaporize your clothes is the same whether you use an electric or gas dryer. Dryers that use gas or electricity require ventilation systems to remove the trash, heated exhaust, and other elements.

Both use distinct mechanisms throughout. The power use of each type is where power and gas dryers quite obviously diverge. Gas dryers utilize propane or other shale gas burned by a flame to generate the warmth that dries our clothing.

A concentration of ions occurs in the heating element of an electric dryer while it operates, which warms the metals by electrostatic induction. A turbine or compressor creates hot air and propels these into the drums. To heat up more quickly than electrical dryers, gasoline dryers employ propane stoves.

One home’s outside must be ventilated for a gas dryer. However, there are many reasons why electric dryers are often ventilated outside the house. The poisonous particulates that a gas dryer emits can harm one’s health if inhaled. Electric dryers are preferable because they don’t require external ventilation and thus are available in vent hood variants.

The cost of running a gas dryer is typically half that of an electric dryer. Those two kinds of equipment require different sorts of installation. Last but not least, the price of each type of dryer makes a difference in how they compare to gas dryers. Overall, buying an electric dryer is less expensive than buying a gas machine.

Gas dryers typically outperform electric dryers in terms of efficiency. This is partly because gasoline dryers dry clothes more quickly since they heat up fairly rapidly and produce more warmth overall. A gasoline dryer is most likely an excellent option if you would like to reduce your power costs.

Can You Convert a Gas Dryer to Electric?

Yes, to sum up, the response. By switching out the components and rewiring them to utilize an electrically heated component, a gas dryer may be converted to an electric dryer.

To begin with, you must use an electrical kit to repair the gasoline dryer’s operational components. The connector port must then be modified to accommodate the machine’s electricity.

Due to the lack of gas connections in your house, you may consider switching from a gasoline dryer to an electric one. However, purchasing a brand-new electric dryer is more affordable than switching a gasoline dryer to electricity.

The computer-controlled components of the electric dryer are where converting is challenging. The cost of conversion can rise. In other words, it’s not always a practical choice.

Drawbacks of Converting a Gas Dryer to Electric

There are a few actually. 

1. It’s not economical

Due to the fundamental differences in how electric and gas washers operate, their parts cannot be used interchangeably. You’ll thus need to take the outside components out and comprehensively understand electric impulses, cabling, and device functioning. 

You must add new components and might need to purchase new equipment. You’ll spend much time going through this procedure and the expense of the items themselves. In essence, new cabling may also be required. Moreover, there isn’t a converter kit available to ease your workload.

2. Electrical Currents Vary

The currents used by power and gas dryers are distinct. Electric dryers require 240 volts, whereas gas dryers require 110 volts. This power must be twice as strong as the typical home current to power the warming coils.

The electricity power of the gasoline dryer must be increased, which might be dangerous if you don’t know how to do it. But keep in mind that improper installation might result in a myriad of issues.

3. Buying an electric dryer is more affordable

Starting, electrical dryers are less expensive than gasoline washers. The simplest solution could be to dump the gasoline dryer and get a new electric one. You’ll avoid many hassles, costs, and hours of work by doing this.

Gas dryers are more difficult to set up than electric dryers. It cannot operate until it is plugged into an electrical socket.

4. Not a simple process

Despite the similarities in appearance between an electric dryer and a gasoline drier, the mechanical components are completely different and need to be changed. An electrical dryer requires no parts to sustain electricity supply, whereas a gas dryer requires.

It would be necessary to take them out and replace them with new electrical dryer components.

5. Insufficient Directions

Consumers are advised against taking on projects of this nature by experts. Because so few individuals try the transformation, there isn’t much knowledge about correctly accomplishing it.

Each phase contains several smaller activities that, to be completed correctly, demand great focus and accuracy. These details might be forgotten, and the entire operation might collapse. The process gets considerably more challenging without a guide or instructional video.


Generally speaking, gas dryers cost much more than electric versions. Electrical and gasoline dryers require specific voltages, respectively. Can you convert a gas dryer to electric? A gasoline dryer can be converted to an electrical model, but still, it requires some considerable technical skill.

It takes a while and also calls for knowledge. The dryers’ operating systems differ; therefore, considerable modifications are needed to convert them. Even if it is feasible, switching from a gas dryer to an electric one is not advised.

Researching newer dryers, selling your old gas dryer, and using the proceeds to defray somewhat the purchase of a more contemporary electric dryer might be a wiser course of action. It could be preferable to switch to an electric dryer instead of a gas model, based on the individual factors. Hire a skilled appliances repair person if you choose.

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