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Most Appropriate Methods to clean Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas is a multi-national company specializing in making window blinds and coverings. The Hunter Douglas company creates quality window blinds, and they can give you a warm, welcoming look reducing the bright light exposure to your room. Knowing how to clean Hunter Douglas Blinds can be vital if you are using  Hunter Douglas blinds in your home. So, let’s start.

The Hunter Douglas company was first established in Dusseldorf, Germany, in 1919. The company was first founded by Henry Sonnenberg, who built his built the company with Joe Hunter. Firstly, they developed a new technology out of aluminum, producing a lightweight version of the aluminum.

The current headquarters of the Hunter Douglas Company was established in 1971 and is situated in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and the management office is located in Lucerne, Switzerland. The CEO of the Hunter Douglas company is Ralph Sonnenberg.

Hunter Douglas designed the window panels as a window covering to limit the room’s brightness. The window panels come in different designs, colors, and control systems. The window blinds can be seen as vertical slats, attached horizontally in a track to a cord and overlaps when open and closed.

Further, materials such as wood, aluminum, and plastic are used to manufacture window panels.

Types of Hunter Douglas Window Panels

The Hunter Douglas window panels come in various patterns, colors, styles, and materials. There are multiple types of window blinds produced by the Hunter Douglas, such as the Hunter Douglas Parkland Wood Blind,  Hunter Douglas Everwood -Alternative wood blind, Hunter Douglas Modern Precious- Metals Aluminium blind, and Hunter Douglas Skyline and Gliding window panel.

Below is a brief introduction about each of the Hunter Douglas Window Panels.

Hunter Douglas Parkland Wood Blind

The Hunter Douglas Parkland wood blinds are a classic type of window blind that enriches a warm and welcoming vibe in your room. Also, they give you a  homely feeling as they have a darkening option which can reduce 50% of the light more than the usual window blinds designed.

The parkland wood blind by the Hunter Douglas comes in various colors that can suit your home interior according to your interior designing needs.

Hunter Douglas Everwood – Alternative wood blind

The Everwood Alternative wood blind by the Hunter Douglas gives the exact look of a wood-based window blind. Just as the Everwood alternative wood blinds look like hardwood, they also have good durability.

The Hunter Douglas designed the wood blind affordable and with options that include heat resistance, fading and withstanding the humid weather conditions.

Hunter Douglas Modern Precious – Metals Aluminium blind

The unique window blinds by Hunter Douglas, the Modern Precious – Metals Aluminium Blind, have high durability and can be used under rough conditions. Moreover, they come in a multi-color range, with different slat sizes and giving you the option to control light to the maximum.

In addition, the Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals Aluminium window blind gives your room a premium finish and the most refined look.

Hunter Douglas Skyline and Gliding window panel

Skyline Gliding Window Panel by Hunter Douglas comes in over 600 colors with a massive variety of fabric collections. Depending on the opacity and texture, the fabric can be selected, serving you the necessary privacy needed.

How to Clean Hunter Douglas Blinds?

The Hunter Douglas company itself provides instructions on how to clean hunter Douglas Blinds. Keeping your blinds clean extends the lifetime of your window blinds and will help you maintain them.

The Hunter Douglas Window blinds are cleaned using various methods. However, the ways to clean the Window blinds are recommended by the Hunter Douglas company itself,

To explain in brief the methods recommended for cleaning,

Dust Your Hunter Douglas Blinds 

Dusting is the easiest way to maintain the window blinds daily. You can use a dry microfiber cloth or any cotton cloth for lighter dust, and this helps your window blinds get rid of a dull look.

You can also use a hairdryer non-heat to blow dust in the window blind

Vacuuming Hunter Douglas Blinds 

Vacuuming is best for deep cleaning methods used, and you can use a gentle brush to vacuum but ensure not to brush too hard, or too harsh which can cause scratches on the slats.

Spot–Cleaning Hunter Douglas Blinds 

Use a soft cloth, water, and a light detergent to remove any grime on the window blinds. First, take a moist sponge or soft cloth, dip it with the mild detergent and scrub gently to remove the grime.

Finally, wipe away the soapy texture with a cloth dipped in lukewarm water. Avoid scrubbing too hard, which can cause damage to the window blinds.

Water immersion

The water immersion method can only be used to clean the fabrics of the window blind.

First, soak the fabric in lukewarm water using a mild detergent, gently wash with tender care and not leave the fabric for more than 5 minutes. Then, rinse the soapy texture with clean water and allow the water to drain. Now you can dry the fabric thoroughly and re-install it.

Try not to use harsh detergents and unsystematic ways to clean, as it harms the fabric.

Extraction Cleaning system

Extraction or Injection is an effective way to remove the dirt without removing the blind. A cleaning solution is injected into the spot, which extracts the dirt. However, this convenient method to remove dirt cannot be used on hard materials. This is the most effective soft-based fabric manufactured by  Hunter Douglas for window panels.


Steaming can be used for wind blinds of solar panels when they have wrinkles in fabrics. Heavy-duty steamers are not recommended, and a portable travel-size steamer is sufficient to rid the crease. It is advised to maintain the steam at a 6-inch – 8-inch distance away from the fabric to prevent discoloration and damage.


The Hunter Douglas company is one of the leading multi-national companies that manufacture window blinds. The Hunter Douglas is being manufactured in more than 100 countries globally.

Since the Window Blinds in Hunter Douglas come in premier quality, it is essential to keep them clean and maintain them with care. Hence the Hunter Douglas company itself recommends a set of methods to clean Hunter Douglas blinds.

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