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Can you Use Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer? Pros & Cons

Car cleaning is something annoying for most people since it needs much effort and time. But if you know to use the right materials and tools in the right way, this task would not be complicated at all. The pressure washer is such a handy tool that helps to get rid of dirt on the car’s surface. But how can you get the most out of it? Then you might think of using some kind of cleaning agent with it. Can you use car wash soap in a pressure washer? Let’s see how to use a car wash soap with a pressure washer to achieve the best result in this blog post.

How does a Pressure Washer Work? 

A pressure washer (power washer) comes with an electric motor or a gas engine to create a powerful pump. The water is released from a high-pressure jet or hose in order to remove the dirt and debris.

After filling normal water into the pressure washer, you can use its trigger gun to start washing. The water is squirted at high speed by the washer.

If you use soap, the pump mixes the water and soap Before starting to squirt. There are some pressure washers that are able to heat up the water as well.

Since its water jets are very strong, you can remove any kind of gunk on the car’s surface effortlessly.

Can you Use Car Wash Soap in a Pressure Washer? 

Yes, it is possible to use car wash soap in your pressure washer. But there are some aspects to consider. Basically, you have to choose a compatible car wash soap for your pressure washer. If not, the nozzle of the pressure washer can be damaged.

Car wash soap is semi-diluted. So, they can be used in pressure washers because the cleaning agent should be already diluted before releasing from the washer. But if you use a foam soap that is made for a particular power washer, diluting can be needed.

In general, there are considerable advantages to using car wash soap in a pressure washer. Since car wash soaps are made with strong chemicals, stubborn dirt, mud, stains, and grease can be removed easily within less time. But they are made not to damage the paint on your car. Consequently, you will be able to get a shiny car surface.

Most importantly, it is not necessary to operate the pressure washer at a higher speed when you use car wash soap because the water has not to fight alone against the dirt here. Therefore, the potential damages of high pressure can be minimized too.

Can Car Wash Soap Damage the Pressure Washer

Can Car Wash Soap Damage the Pressure Washer?

First of all, you are advised to go through the specific product details on the user manual or manufacturer’s website.

If the manufacturer does not recommend using car wash chemicals in the washer’s specialized detergent tank, you should avoid them.

Basically, the reason behind this restriction is the bubbles and foams the soap can make. Then, the nozzle of the pressure washer can be damaged due to the pressure inside the tool. So, it would be better to use car wash soap in this manner once in a while to avoid any damage.

What Kind of Car Wash Soap Can I Use in a Pressure Washer?

There are numerous kinds of car wash soaps and shampoos in the market. When you choose one of them in your pressure washer, consider these factors.

It is advisable to use a soap that foams very well. Then the cleaning procedure will become easier. And check the pH balance of the soap; it should be neutral. And if your soap has a great amount of suds, it will work well too. Indeed, you have to make less effort if the soap contains a high amount of suds.

Consider buying a soap that comes from a high-quality brand especially, it would be better to choose a biodegradable one.

It is not recommended to use normal car shampoos because almost every manufacturer advises applying them by hand. So, what you can do here is to apply the shampoo on the car surface first. Then use your power washer to rinse the shampoo. Remember not to put the shampoo in the washer’s detergent tank.

How Can I Add Car Wash Soap to a Pressure Washer?

Follow these instructions in order to make your soap mixture and use it in the pressure washer.

  1. If you use a soap liquid, take a generous amount of soap and mix it with water in a bowl. Make sure to dissolve the soap completely. If you want to use a powdery soap, take a heat-resistant container and pour some hot water. Then take some powder and mix with water till fully dissolve it. Wait until the hot water becomes tepid.
  2. After that, the soapy water can be poured into the washer’s soap tank. Most of the time, the tank is located over the hose connector. Carefully detach it and pour the mixture. But some washers come with an air valve. If you have such a model, you should open it first before adding the mixture. And some washers come with a separate soap tank too. According to your tool, do whatever is necessary. If you are not aware of using these elements, refer to your user manual.
  3. Now you can toggle the trigger gun of your pressure washer and wash the car.
  4. After the surface is covered with soapy water, you can scrub the surface for a better polish. Then use normal water to rinse the residue and let the car dry completely.

What are the Alternatives that Can be Used in the Pressure Washer?

It is okay to use other purpose-specific cleaners such as concrete cleaners, patio cleaners, etc. Especially if your car has become too filthy due to the grease, stains, or oil, these kinds of cleaners will work on those areas effectively. However, do not use them often because your car paint may be damaged. There are some other eco-friendly cleaners that can be used for car cleaning too.

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